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Rekayasa Sosial dalam Fenomena Save LGBT Saleh, Gunawan; Arif, Muhammad
Jurnal Komunikasi Global Vol 6, No 2 (2017)
Publisher : Program Studi Ilmu Komunikasi FISIP Universitas Syiah Kuala

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This research will explore the existence of social engineering agenda in phenomenon SAVE LGBT. This phenomenon is actually a classical social problem. Due to the fact that homosexual and lesbian problems existed in the days of prophets long before humans became familiar with modern civilization Lately in the 20th century the development of civilization is increasingly alarming with the emergence of the idea of freedom of work, expression, and even freedom in terms of sexuality in the name of Human Rights (HAM). A group of people tried with various attempts to legalize themselves using the Human Rights Act. This research will discuss social engineering in the phenomenon of SAVE LGBT. It uses qualitative approach by conducting in-depth interviews with eight informants. The results show that social engineering is clearly visible where a group of people trying to voice SAVE LGBT with the meaning of their behavior must get the same protection. But in fact, SAVE said more to give the right to life and not discriminated and to give them help to return to its nature. Then there is a mistake in understanding the Law on Human Rights, which is only a small group who voiced rights as human beings but they do not see the right to life of most people who reject the LGBT behavior.
Pengaruh Media Sosial Instagram dan WhatsApp Terhadap Pembentukan Budaya “Alone Together” Saleh, Gunawan; Pitriani, Ribka
Jurnal Komunikasi Vol 10, No 2 (2018): Jurnal Komunikasi
Publisher : Fakultas Ilmu Komunikasi Universitas Tarumanagara

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Social media is now highly favored by many and considered quite effective by the people of Indonesia. One example taken in this study is the social media Instagram and WhatsApp, as social media is considered to affect the forms of activity and its behavior. This study aims to investigate the influence of social media Instagram and WhatsApp against the cultural establishment "Alone Together" at the University of Riau by using the theory of SOR (Stimulus-Organism-Response) as its foundation. This study uses a quantitative research in which data was collected through questionnaires distributed to 100 respondents who are students at the University of Riau by category determined by accidental sampling, and analyzed by simple linear regression program helped IBM SPSS version 20.0. This study examined whether or not the influence of indicators of variable X (Social Media Instagram and WhatsApp) to variable Y (culture Alone Together). Technology to fill the void and satisfaction with technology. Based on the results obtained through the SPSS 20.0 correlation coefficient of 0.403, 0.403 value lies between the value of 0,40-0.599 that was meaningful relationships, meaning that there is the influence of social media Instagram and WhatsApp against the cultural establishment in Riau University Alone Together with the effect of 16.3%, while the remaining 83.7% is influenced by other variables.  Media sosial saat ini sangat digemari oleh berbagai kalangan dan dianggap cukup efektif oleh masyarakat Indonesia. Salah satu contoh yang diambil dalam penelitian ini adalah media sosial Instagram dan WhatsApp. Adapun media sosial ini dinilai dapat mempengaruhi bentuk aktifitas, dan perilaku penggunanya. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui pengaruh media sosial Instagram dan WhatsApp terhadap pembentukan budaya “Alone Together” di Universitas Riau dengan menggunakan teori S-O-R (Stimulus-Organisme-Response) sebagai landasannya. Penelitian ini menggunakan metode riset kuantitatif dimana data dikumpulkan melalui kuesioner yang disebarkan kepada 100 responden yang merupakan mahasiswa di Universitas Riau dengan kategori yang ditentukan berdasarkan accidental sampling, dan dianalisis melalui regresi linier sederhana dibantu program IBM SPSS versi 20.0. Penelitian ini menguji ada atau tidaknya pengaruh indikator dari variabel X (Media Sosial Instagram dan WhatsApp) terhadap variabel Y (budaya Alone Together). Teknologi untuk mengisi kekosongan dan kepuasan atas Teknologi. Berdasarkan hasil pencarian melalui SPSS 20.0 maka didapat nilai koefisien korelasi sebesar 0,403, nilai 0,403 terletak diantara nilai 0,40-0,599 yaitu bermakna memiliki hubungan yang sedang, artinya terdapat pengaruh antara media sosial Instagram dan WhatsApp terhadap pembentukan budaya Alone Together di Universitas Riau dengan pengaruh sebesar 16,3%, sedangkan sisanya sebesar 83,7% dipengaruhi oleh variabel lain.
Jurnal Riset Komunikasi Vol 1 No 1 (2018): Februari 2018
Publisher : Asosiasi Pendidikan Tinggi Ilmu Komuniasi (ASPIKOM) Wilayah Riau

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The LGBT movement began in Western societies. The forerunner to the birth of this movement was the formation of the Gay Liberation Front (GLF) in London in 1970. The movement was inspired by previous liberation movement in the United States in 1969 which took place at the Stonewall. LGBT campaign focuses on the efforts of awareness to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people and the general public that their behavior is not an aberration so they deserve the sexual rights as everyone else. Theological issues during this indeed become an important point in the debate over homosexuality and LGBT in General. This research aims to know the LGBT within the paradigm of religion and social impact through social phenomenology study with a qualitative approach. This approach is considered able to reveal in depth. From the results of this research, it can be concluded that all religions (Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism) looked at LGBT is sexual behavior which is deviant and unacceptable by all existing religions, especially in Indonesia. It is also a social impact with an LGBT sexual behavior as a distorted structure will impact the community. Then it will also be damaging to the process of regeneration and descent so that the impact on the quality of human resources in the future.