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Kafa`ah: Journal of Gender Studies Vol 8, No 1 (2018)
Publisher : State Institute for Islamic Studies Imam Bonjol Padang

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Freedom of speech is seen as the basic right of everyone. Any attempt to restrict the right to speak freely always finds resistance. Nevertheless, the state persistently strives for the freedom of speech not to harm another person or group of people by regulating freedom of speech in the legislation. But sometimes this rule does not always keep and control people talking, so the conversation is detrimental to certain anyone or any parties. Moreover, freedom of speech is supported by various sophisticated media such as online media. News enthusiasts are presented with a variety of information that interests many people, especially people with certain positions and capacities such as political positions and entertainer. Usually, women has become one of the hot topics that come to news. A news may take more attention if the media presents the bad side of uncollated action of a woman. Hot issues on women in which online media mostly post are on love affair, adultery and other wrong-doings. The phrases are scattered in online media openly and can be accessed in just a few seconds. On the other hand, the actors are generally Muslim and Islam teaches them to evaluate their statement that may end at defamation. When the media activist blows up the uncertain news, for example on an adultery accusation, but he is unable to present at least four witnesses who witnessed the adultery (related to Islamic law), the media activists could be trapped in alleged adultery (hadd al-qadzf).