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Detected Signal Performance of Semiconductor Optical Amplifier and Raman Fiber Ikhsan, Roby; Syahputra, Romi F; Saktioto, Saktioto
TELKOMNIKA (Telecommunication Computing Electronics and Control) Vol 17, No 2: April 2019
Publisher : Universitas Ahmad Dahlan

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The technology of optical fiber communication has greatly been developed due to limitations on communication methods for information needs. Optical fiber is one of waveguides that is able to transmit information in large capacity, high speed and low attenuation. Due to long transmission line, the signal transmission needs to be kept from the disturbances of geometry differences, material impurities, and signal sources. Optical amplifier is required to retain the signal. Some types of amplifiers have been used however each has advantages and disadvantages. This final project investigates the perfomances of Semiconductor Optical Amplifier (SOA) and Fiber Raman Amplifier (FRA). Both amplifiers were designed and compared by inline amplifiers using a simulation method. The simulation method used was Optisystem version The results showed that FRA system can transmit signals further than SOA system. Both amplifiers showed good performances based on BER and Q-factor values which are smaller than 10-12 and bigger than 6 respectively for a distance of 200 km on FRA and 190 km on SOA. The attenuation in FRA system is smaller than SOA system. The coefficient of attenuation on FRA system is 0.435 dBm/km and 0.456 dBm/km on SOA system for a distance of 100 km and wavelength of 1350 nm.