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Infotainment: Kebebasan atau Kebablasan Ditinjau dari Kajian Ekonomi Politik Media Setiowati, Endang
Humaniora Vol 1, No 1 (2010): Humaniora
Publisher : Bina Nusantara University

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Infotainment as delivered on television occurs to be one controversial TV shows, often accused as a program that practically a "Social Duping". But, in reality these genres frequently achieve rating peak, which in certain will raise TV commercial due to profitable matters for Television Company. Article explores “conspiracies” that occurs based on variable interest between producers, broadcasting industry, rating institutions, and advertisements both for continuity and multiple profit. The main idea of how infotainment dominates both news and entertainment program is caused by social actors' demands that implement in press liberating process in Indonesia whose embrace of neo-liberalism which claimed that “the greater the play of the market forces, the greater the freedom of the press; the greater the freedom of the press, the greater the freedom of the audience choice”. It seems impossible to stop infotainment programs since that alone will subdue both corresponding institution and individual in a certain point of view. Therefore, a regulation that copes with this matter due to continuity of these genres is needed in overcoming matters of “Social Duping”.
Marjinalisasi Perempuan Pertama Melalui Lagu: Suatu Analisis Wacana Kritis Terhadap Lagu “Jadikan Aku Yang Kedua” Setiowati, Endang; Wahyuningtyas, Bhernadetta Pravita
Humaniora Vol 2, No 2 (2011): Humaniora
Publisher : Bina Nusantara University

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During 2006 until 2007 there were plenty of songs that are lyrical about adultery or polygamy, in line also with the emergence of the phenomenon of polygamy and infidelity by some famous people ranging from businessmen, preachers, politicians, to academics. One of the most popular songs is a song titled “Jadikan Aku yang Kedua”. Surprisingly, although the title shows that this song legalized polygamy, the majority of listeners who request the song to be played in radio stations are women. The research reveals about the marginalization of women that is implicitly contained in a song lyrics. The research method used is critical discourse analysis with analytical techniques using the model of Norman Fairclough. This study uses substantive theoreticalframework such as hegemony, ideology, patriarchy, and feminism and the discourse analysis theory from Michael Foucault. The results showed that the Song is a discourse to marginalize women who occupy the first position, while for the second women or femme fatale, this song is empowering them. Song writer has the power to shape the ideology of consumer (listener) toward his patriarchal ideology. He wants to use his power to encourage the women to dare to become a femme fatale.
STUDI AWAL PERUMUSAN INDIKATOR EVALUASI STRATEGI KOMUNIKASI PEMASARAN 12 DESTINASI WISATA DI JAKARTA UTARA Rahayu, Sri; setiowati, endang; Lusia, Amelita; Pranita, Diaz; Priyanto, Priyanto; Setiawati, rahmi; Rahmawati, Devi
Jurnal Vokasi Indonesia Vol 2, No 1 (2014): January - June
Publisher : Program Pendidikan Vokasi Universitas Indonesia

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Abstrak - Setiap perusahaan dan lembaga harus memiliki strategi bisnis untuk mencapai tujuanyang diinginkan. Di sisi lain, strategi harus diterapkan untuk memenangkan kompetisi yang munculantar perusahaan atau lembaga yang bergerak di sektor yang sama. Penelitian ini berisi tentangstrategi komunikasi pemasaran yang dilakukan oleh Suku Dinas Pariwisata Kota Jakarta Utaradalam rangka mencapai tujuan yang diinginkannya. Sebagai salah satu pelaksana bisnis pariwisata,Sudin Pariwisata Kota Jakarta Utara menggunakan strategi komunikasi pemasaran. Dalammenggunakan strategi ini, Sudin Pariwisata Kota Jakarta Utara diharapkan dapat meningkatkan danmempertahankan jumlah pengunjung wisata yang datang. Pemasaran strategi komunikasi dariSudin Pariwisata Kota jakarta diwujudkan melalui alat bauran promosi. Pemilihan alat bauranpromosi yang dilaksanakan akan menentukan keberhasilan tujuan yang diinginkan.Kata Kunci: strategi komunikasi pemasaran, bauran promosi, pemasaran pariwisata
MOTIVASI INTRINSIK YANG MEMPENGARUHI PEMILIHAN JURUSAN DAN UNIVERSITAS (Studi Pada Mahasiswa Baru Program Vokasi Universitas Indonesia Angkatan 2015) Lusia, Amelita; Suciati, Pijar; Setiowati, Endang
Jurnal Vokasi Indonesia Vol 3, No 2 (2015): July - Desember
Publisher : Program Pendidikan Vokasi Universitas Indonesia

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AbstractGlobalization affects all aspects of life. This concept creates a paradigm borderless world, the world that does not know the limits of the territorial sovereignty of a nation / state. The impact of these conditions are helped create intense competition in various aspects of community life, including education. In the world of education, management can not be done conventionally alone, but requires a special ability that the output of education in accordance with market needs, both nationally and internationally.MOTIVASI INTRINSIK YANG MEMPENGARUHI PEMILIHAN JURUSAN DAN UNIVERSITAS(Studi Pada Mahasiswa Baru Program Vokasi Universitas Indonesia Angkatan 2015)Amelita Lusia,Pijar Suciati,Endang SetiowatiVolume 3 Nomor 2,pp 21-3622In addition to the need for change in the management of the educational institutions, educational institutions marketing issues was absolutely necessary due to the competition of universities / university higher. It was seen from the emergence of various colleges / universities that always offers the advantages of each. Colleges as providers of education services need to learn and have the initiative to improve customer satisfaction (students) because in general education is an ongoing process. Marketing educational institutions, almost similar to the marketing of the economy or government agencies engaged in services.However, if true, all marketing programs that have been carried out by the university is a factor and the reason students choose majors and certain universities? The answer could be yes, no, or may be it turns out there are other factors that influence greater than exposure to marketing. As expected the start of this study, there may be factors word of mouth (WOM) or electronic word of mouth (e-WOM) which also affect their choices, such as research Shahid, of the University of Lahore, Pakistan, which are listed in the journal IISTE 2012.The aim of this study was to identify common factors and other factors such as word of mouth, which is the reason the new students choose majors and certain universities. To identify them, the research will perform a quantitative approach through field surveys to students-freshmen at the University of Indonesia. Results of this research is the formulation of the deciding factors in choosing majors prospective students and universities, which is expected to help PR and marketing practitioners to develop a more effective marketing programs and was well received by the target objectives.Keywords: marketing, education, university, word of mouth, electronic word of mouth, behavioral factors.
Memahami Kriteria Kualitas Penelitian: Aplikasi Pemikiran Penelitian Kualitatif maupun Kuantitatif Setiowati, Endang
Jurnal Vokasi Indonesia Vol 2, No 2 (2014): July - Desember
Publisher : Program Pendidikan Vokasi Universitas Indonesia

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Penghargaan atas quality criteria atau kriteria kualitas atas sebuah penelitian tidak hanya tergantungpada si peneliti, tetapi lebih pada pemahaman para pengujinya akan posisi peneliti tersebut dalam paradigma yang mana. Bukankah skripsi, tesis dan disertasi itu harus diuji? Usaha keras si peneliti mewujudkan kriteria kualitas penelitiannya akan sia-sia jika tidak nyandak dengan pemahaman para penguji. Seringkali penguji memaksakan kriteria kualitas dari paradigma penelitian yang dianutnya pada penelitian mahasiswa/kandidat yang diujinya padahal berasal dari paradigma yang berbeda. Jadi sejauh mana para penguji memiliki empati pada paradigma dan pendekatan penelitian yang dipakai peneliti merupakan agenda tersendiri dalam menegakkan kriteria kualitas atas sebuah riset.Kata Kunci : Quality criteria, paradigma penelitian, penelitian sosial
KONSTRUKSI TOKOH DALAM PEMBERITAAN DI MEDIA ONLINE (Analisis Framing Pemberitaan Mundurnya Ahok dari Partai Gerindra di media online) Setiowati, Endang; Suciati, Pijar
Jurnal Vokasi Indonesia Vol 7, No 1 (2019): Vol. 7, No.1 January-July
Publisher : Program Pendidikan Vokasi Universitas Indonesia

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Mundurnya Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok) dari Partai Gerindra karena menentang keputusan Gerindra yang mendukung RUU tentang pemilihan kepala daerah (PILKADA) melalui DPRD tidak lagi langsung oleh rakyat, menimbulkan kontroversi diantara masyarakat yang juga menjadi santapan media untuk dibahas. Penelitian ini akan melihat bagaimana pembingkaian berita dari tiga media online yaitu, dan Pemilihan ketiga situs online ini berdasarkan kepemilikan media. Teori substantif yang digunakan untuk menganalisis adalah teori Konstruksi Sosial atas Realita dari Berger dan Luckmann, serta teori Hirarki Pengaruh dari Shoemaker dan Reese. Metode penelitian akan menggunakan analisis framing dari Robert N. Entman. Unit analisis adalah pemberitaan tentang mundurnya Ahok dari Partai Gerindra di ketiga situs berita online di atas mulai saat resmi mengundurkan diri yaitu pada 10 September hingga 17 September 2014. Hasilnya adalah ketiga media cukup netral dalam membingkai kasus ini, meski dalam mengangkat sosok Ahok VivaNews tampak lebih mengarah ke negatif, sementara Metronews lebih positif. Yang mengejutkan adalah Liputan6 yang memberi perhatian begitu besar tentang isu ini, kelebihannya adalah Liputan6 mengangkat dari berbagai angle dan narasumber yang berlainan. Kata Kunci: identifikasi masalah, interpretasi kausal, evaluasi moral, rekomendasi perawatan