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The Conflict of a Mother in Her Family as Seen in Marsha Norman’s ‘Night Mother Raflis, Raflis; Amalia, Anisa
Jurnal Ilmiah Langue and Parole Vol 2 No 1 (2018): Jurnal Ilmiah Langue and Parole
Publisher : Macromac-Ind|Fakultas Sastra Universitas Ekasakti

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The problem in ‘Night, Mother is the external and internal conflict of mother in her family, the reason in choosing this topic is because the fact that drama shows the two sides that the mother has. On one side, the mother has to sacrifice everything in order to keep the family well, she has to show the role model that the kid can see in herself. However, on the other side, the mother also has the weakness, there are lots of burdens, and this can lead to the climax that she has fed up with her life, and she chooses to end it all.The purpose of this writing is the suffering on of modern mothers based on psychological analysis. It was divided into external conflict of disappointment from husband and son, internal conflict of suffering because of disease, and the conflict that leads to her suicide. This analysis uses psychological theory, Daiches said that psychological theory was based on the assumption that literary work always talks about human life events because it concerns about people and their lives, it must contain psychological aspects in the story. Psychology was expected to help us to know the characters well. In the method of research, qualitative method is used because Creswell said that it is attempted to trace the source of information in the form of document which were relevant to the object of the research. In finding in this analysis, this analysis will be focused on the psychological background of the character particularly the main character. First, the external conflict of disappointment from husband and son, Jessie feels lonely after her husband and son leave her. Second, internal conflict of suffering because of disease, the other factor that causes suffering to Jessie character is the disease that has become the trigger for her to commit suicide. Third, the conflict that leads to her suicide, Jessie as the mother is strong, however she needs support from her whole family, without that support, she feels dead inside and finally chooses to commit suicide. The problems faced by modern woman are loneliness, instable family structure, and crisis in emotionality.
Preparasi dan Karakterisasi Sediaan Solid Lipid Nanoparticle (SLN) Gliklazid AMALIA, ANISA; JUFRI, MAHDI; ANWAR, EFFIONORA
Publisher : Fakultas Farmasi Universitas Indonesia

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 Solid lipid nanoparticle (SLN) merupakan suatu sistem pembawa koloid yang menggunakan lipid padat sebagai bahan pembentuk matriks. Pada penelitian ini, sediaan SLN gliklazid dibuat menggunakan metode high shear homogenization dan pengeringan beku. Formula SLN gliklazid terdiri atas: asam stearat sebagai bahan pembentuk matriks, Tween 80 dan PEG 400 sebagai surfaktan, etanol sebagai ko-solven dan laktosa sebagai krioprotektan. Karakterisasi sediaan SLN dilakukan sebelum dan setelah pengeringan beku yang meliputi: analisis ukuran partikel dan potensial zeta, analisis morfologi diformulasikan dalam bentuk sediaan SLN dengan rata-rata ukuran partikel SLN sebesar 878,0 ± 246,3 nm dan 745,8 ± 204,0 nm serta memiliki bentuk partikel yang iregular. Nilai potensial zeta dari SLN 0,79%.
Parole (Jurnal Pendidikan Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia) Vol 2, No 4 (2019): VOLUME 2 NOMOR 4, Juli 2019
Publisher : IKIP Siliwangi

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As social creatures, we must be able to interact socially well with this easy-to-access environment and era. The author is interested in analyzing the novel Back because the novel is very interesting and the storyline that is presented is closely related to students and a social life that is often found in everyday life. This study aims to appreciate literature by reading, studying, enjoying the storyline and analyzing a novel titled Back by Sofia Mafaza. This study uses descriptive qualitative methods, using the study of literary sociology and intrinsic elements. Sociology as a study of literary works related to how one can interact with the surrounding environment. In the research sociology of literature study discusses 1). Sociology of authors 2). Social Condition 3). Social conditions of society 4). Religious values 5). Social society 6) Social culture 7). Intergovernmental social learning and students 8). Educational Value. From the results analyzed using descriptive qualitative methods, this novel discusses the main characters who can interact well between characters. Social interactions in the novel include mutual cooperation, social service, cooperation, meetings and counseling between siblings and siblings.