EMITTER International Journal of Engineering Technology
Vol 7, No 1 (2019)

A Full-Bridge Bidirectional DC-DC Converter with Fuzzy Logic Voltage Control for Battery Energy Storage System

Prasetyono, Eka (Unknown)
Sunarno, Epyk (Unknown)
Fuad, Muchamad Chaninul (Unknown)
Anggriawan, Dimas Okky (Unknown)
Windarko, Novie Ayub (Unknown)

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15 Jun 2019


Renewable energy sources require an energy storage system because its are fluctuating and electricity producing at certain times, even sometimes not in accordance with the needs of the load. To maintain continuity of electricity, smart battery energy storage system is needed. Therefore, this paper of a full-bridge bidirectional DC-DC Converter (FB-BDC) with Fuzzy Logic Control (FLC) is designed and implemented for battery energy storage application. The FLC has error and delta error of voltage level as input and duty cycle of FB-BDC as output. The FB-BDC is controlled by a microcontroller ARM Cortex-M4F STM32F407VG for voltage mode control. The FB-BDC topology is selected becuase battery storage system needed isolated and need high voltage ratio both for step-up and step-down. The main purpose of FB-BDC to perform bidirectional energy transfer both of DC-Bus and battery. Moreover, FB-BDC controls the DC-Bus voltage according to referenced value. The power flow and voltage on DC-Bus is controlled by FLC with voltage mode control. The experiment result shows the ability of FLCĀ  voltage mode control to control FB-BDC on regulate charging voltage with an error 1% and sharing voltage 1.5% form referenced value.

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