Vol 4 No - (2011): Jurnal Perspektif Pendidikan


Sihombing, Elsina (Unknown)

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31 Dec 2011


Sihombing, Elsina. developed AFM in 2008 at SMA YADIKA SOUTH SUMATRA. The method was carried out in the experiment of 720 minutes (every week except days off, in a mount of 90 minutes per week for 8 weeks). It was handled by 2 English teachers who have been selected through YADIKA STANDARD on the basis of undergraduate degree with the average grade of GPA on 2.75. Since the writer was the „Principal‟ in that school at that time, so she directly supervised those two English teachers in applying the method discussed. Before applying such a method, both of them weretrained by the writer as their supervisor and as their principal as well for 15 hours; 1.5 hours a day for 10 days. This program was only focused in 8 weeks using AFM purely toward 2 classes of 38 students per each at the tenth grades. Each of the two teachers handled one class from the starting point until the end of the program. The main purpose of conducting this action research was to prove whether AFM was significantly effective or not. Practically, the writer gave hand books to students and the teachers as well, then, they were drilled by using AFM. As the result of this action research, the students speaking achievement increased (100% ) mastered ±500 words, (100%) could express their feeling, condolence, the condition of themselves, the condition of family, and other related topics. The students became able to communicate in English (>90%), got high motivation to learn (>95%), became able to break the ice(>95%), the students and the teacher competed positively to increased their motivation to learn.

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