Vol 16 No 2 (2019): Jurnal TIARSIE 16.2 (edisi ekstra)

Radio Resource Allocation For Device to Device Network Using Auction Algorithm

Yasin Ramadhan, Mohamad (Unknown)
Sigit, Vinsensius (Unknown)
Fahmi, Arfianto (Unknown)

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16 Jul 2019


One application of communication from the 5G network in the future is to implement Device to Device (D2D) into heterogeneous multi-tiered communication networks consisting of small cell communications between eNB, cellular and D2D. The application of D2D is useful for the future even though it has several problems with one of them being interference with the frequency of other devices in the same cell. This can affect Quality of Service (QoS) in D2D communication so that it requires the application of a resource allocation distribution that can increase data rate and reduce interference. One of the algorithms used for the distribution of resource allocation in communication network systems is the Auction allocation algorithm. The auction allocation algorithm introduced in this journal provides a solution to divide resources fairly for all D2D pairs. The data rate increases by increasing the number of resource blocks and decreasing the cell radius.

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