Vol 14 No 2 (2017): Jurnal TIARSIE 14.2

Selection of Pick Up Freight Fleet in CV. Sehati Transport

Nurjaman, Risris (Unknown)

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26 Feb 2018


CV. Sehati Transport is a business entity engaged in the delivery of goods (expedition). Delivery of goods by order from a company to another company. of course, the fleet is used differently according to the specification of the goods. The categories of goods consist of hazardous and toxic goods (B3), fragile goods, other items lightly categorized. Sending the size of the delivery consists of large parties, medium parties, and small parties. Currently, the fleet that requires attention is for the delivery of goods with small parties. The freight fleet for this party is a pickup type. With high mobility and long service life (over 5 years), the company plans to replace it with a new fleet. The number of automotive manufacturers provides an alternative with various advantages and disadvantages. The company, in this case, the assistant general manager is responsible for providing the freight. There are three manufacturers that provide this type of pickup vehicles are “Z”, “H”, and “B”. Due to the shortcomings and advantages of both technical and non-technical, the company wants a better way to determine which vehicle to choose. The method used for the alternative selection approach is considered appropriate, ie, process hierarchy analysis (AHP). AHP involves both measurable and non-measurable criteria. In practice, the AHP method is performed by paired comparison assessment among criteria one with other criteria. Assessment is also done on each criterion of decision alternatives. The result obtained based on the global weight of 0.458 is on the “Z” freight vehicle. This indicates that “Z” is preferred compared to “H” and “B”. Another thing to consider is the consistency ratio that indicates the consistency of the appraiser in providing an assessment of the criteria and alternatives. Consistency value is -0.0107 or smaller than 0.1. The final conclusion that “Z” can be made better fleet than “H” and “B”.

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