Abdimas Universal
Vol 1 No 2 (2019): Oktober

Pengembangan Desain Pembelajaran Basic Mathematic dengan Metode Estafet Kartu

Oktafianto, Kresna (Unknown)
Kurniawati, Eriska Fitri (Unknown)
Muzdalifah, Lilik (Unknown)
Arifin, Ahmad Zaenal (Unknown)
Nurfitria, Nia (Unknown)
Afifah, Afifah (Unknown)
Awanda, Ridho (Unknown)

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31 Oct 2019


Basic education is very important for the next generation of the nation. A growing era requires educators to implement creative and innovative learning strategies. Basic education that is centered on elementary students is the center of attention, often mathematics lessons become a heavy scourge for elementary students. Therefore, learning mathematics in elementary students also requires learning strategies that are different from before. The purpose of the Rumah Matematika (RuMat) program for the community especially elementary students is to change the mindset of mathematics lessons that often scourge students into fun lessons by applying the Card  Relay Method. The method is more in the form of a game so students can absorb knowledge while playing. With Rumah Matematika (RuMat) program, students will be more interested in learning basic mathematics in a more fun way.

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