Asia Pacific Journal of Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Energy
Vol 2, No 1 (2014): Agriculture Food and Energy for Future

Solar Cooling and Dehumidification Systems - a review

Nguyen, Bich Huy ( Nong Lam University )
Nguyen, Hay ( Vietnam National University Hochi minh city, Vietnam )

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03 Dec 2013


Recently, cooling system, especially air-conditioning system, can not be absent in many fields such as appliances (homes, schools, shopping malls, factories, and theaters), food, agro-products and pharmaceutical storages, and so forth. Most of the conventional cooling systems driven by electrical power while solar energy, rather than a burning fuel, can provide the heat energy for these refrigeration processes. This paper reviews how, what, and where the solar energy can be applied for cooling systems. The types of sorption processes and the electrical and thermo-mechanical systems using solar energy have been analyzed. Many studies indicated that the absorption system is most suitable for solar cooling systems. Both theoretical and experimental results also showing that solar sorption refrigeration and air-conditioning are reasonable at present and for future applications. The cost of system, the simple and combine-system in designing, maintaining and controlling of system via using network and the simulation for the system are some perspectives need to study to develop the solar cooling systems. Keywords: solar energy, cooling systems, air conditioning, renewable energy

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