Jurnal Manajemen Pelayanan Kesehatan
Vol 14, No 01 (2011)


Wiedyaningsih, Chairun (Unknown)

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11 Dec 2013


Backgrounds: Since objective information on medicineadvertisements are often scarce, medicine advertisementsmay affect community’s perception and health. The CriticalEvaluation Medicine Advertisement by the community (CEMAcommunity)was a strategy that may empower community inevaluating medicine advertisements. It was developed basedon the previous study targeted to medical students withmodifications on the content and the inclusion of local regulationon medicine promotion.Objectives: To evaluate effectiveness of the CEMAcommunitymethod in improving knowledge and skills ofparticipants.Methods: The study utilized pre and post in time series withcontrol group design. The CEMA-community intervention methodconsisted of two sessions; the first was a brief lecture andthe second was small group discussions using printed andaudiovisual medicine advertisements in problem-orientedapproach. Activity materials and methods were developed andprovided to the activity. Data on knowledge was obtained byquestionnaires. Data on skills was assessed by the number ofinappropriate claims they could identify the advertisements.Effectiveness of approach was shown by the significance ofincreasing level of knowledge and skills after intervention.Results: Participants’ knowledge and skills in the CEMAcommunitygroup improved significantly (Wilcoxon test, p< 0.05).Score of knowledge in the CEMA-community group before-,right-, and 2, 4 weeks-after intervention (means: 13.9±2.52;18.0±2.72; 19.0±3.10; 18.3±3.74, respectively) improvedsignificantly (Mann-Whitney, p<0.05) as compared to controlgroup (means: 14.1± 2.84; 14.8±2.94; 14.8±2.85; 15.6±2.45,respectively). At the same time points, scores of skills in theCEMA-community group (means: 7.8±6.05; 16.5±10.01;32.6±12.89; 32.2±13.06, respectively) also improvedsignificantly (Mann-Whitney, p<0.05) as compared to controlgroup (5.5±6.60; 4.7±4.91; 8.7±10.07; 9.5±10.15, respectively).Conclusion: CEMA-community was effective in increasingknowledge and skills to critically evaluate medicineadvertisements.Keywords: community empowerment, medicineadvertisements, knowledge, skills, CEMA-community, problemorientedapproach

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