Jurnal Ilmiah Ranggagading (JIR)
Vol 6, No 2 (2006): Jurnal Ilmiah Ranggagading

Pengaruh Endorser pada Media Iklan Televisi terhadap Citra Produk Studi Kasus pada PT. Produk Tolak Angin Sido Muncul

Supariyani, Emmy (Unknown)
Purba, Jan Horas Veriyadi (Unknown)
Rangga, Muhammad (Unknown)

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17 Feb 2012


The purpose of research is to comprehend the influence of endorser’s in television advertisement toward product image of Jamu Tolak Angin Sido Muncul. The result of research showed that endorser has a positive influence towards product image, significant with level of confidence 95%. The coefficient correlation is 0.638, means positive and strong correlation. The average of eight items of questionnaires for endorser’s performance is 4.49 in five Linker’s scale. That means the performance of endorser is categorized as “very good” Keywords: Endorser; Marketing Strategy

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