International Journal of Science and Engineering (IJSE)
Vol 8, No 2 (2015)

Heat and mass transfer effects on an unsteady mhd flow of a rotating fluid past a vertical porous plate

Murali, G (Unknown)
Reddy, E.M. (Unknown)
Venkata N. B, Narepalepu (Unknown)

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15 Apr 2015


An attempt is made to investigate the heat and mass transfer effects on an unsteady free convection flow of a rotating, incompressible, viscous Boussinesq fluid in presence of first order chemical reaction. The governing dimensionless equations for this investigation are solved numerically by a finite element method. A parametric study illustrating the influence of different flow parameters on velocity, concentration and temperature are investigated. Also the Skin – friction, Nusselt number and Schmidt number are shown through tabular forms. Numerical results are presented for various parameters.

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