Berkala Ilmu Kedokteran
Vol 9, No 03 (1977)

Insidensi streptococcus beta-haemolyt cus pada anak dengan pharyngitis

A. Samik Wahab, A. Samik Wahab (Unknown)

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18 Nov 2015


Pharynx-swabs using filter paper strip method were done on children with pharyngitis, and 3,8% positive Streptococcus beta-haemolyticus group A and 4,8% positive non-group A werefound.Clinical manifestations were: fever (100%), hyperaemic pharynx with exudate 54%, without exudate 46% and with cough 27%. Blood examinations were done on 40 positive cases of which 60% showed leucocytosis.Months with a high incidence were: January — February 27%, May — June 36% and September — October 27%.

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