Asia Pacific Journal of Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Energy
Vol 3, No 1 (2015)

Study on Durian Processing Technology and Defleshing Machine

Dang, Thien-Ngon ( HCMC University of Technology and Education )
Nguyen, Bich Huy ( Nong Lam University )

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13 Apr 2015


In food processing industry, durian flesh contains many nutrients as raw material for the production of cakes, icecream, and flavoring, etc. Recently, the durian pulp units are separated from husk and durian defleshing have also been done byhand-craft devices which has low productivity and is not ensure production and food safety. This paper presents the researchresults of designing and manufacturing the durian defleshing machine and proposed durian flesh processing technology. Themachine separates durian husk automatically and durian defleshing by means of centrifugation. Experimental testing shows thatthe principle of centrifugal horizontal cage for defleshing might be applied and get good result. The productivity of the machineoperates at about 30-40 kg / hour with the percentage of pulp separation can be reached at 90% and the one for defleshing is over95% at the cage rotation is 500 rpm. The machine also passes the requirements of food safety.Keywords—Pulp durian; defleshing machine; food processing, food safety.

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