The Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry Research
Vol 4, No 1 (2015)

Catalytic Desulfurization of Benzothiophene Using Keggin Type Polyoxometalates as catalyst

Lesbani, Aldes (Unknown)
Marpaung, Arianti (Unknown)
Verawaty, Marieska (Unknown)
Amalia, Hesti Rizki (Unknown)
Mohadi, Risfidian (Unknown)

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Publish Date
02 Feb 2015


Performance of catalytic desulfurization of benzothiophen (BT) was studied using polyoxometalates as catalyst. Polyoxometalates H3[a-PW12O40] and  H4[a-SiW12O40], have different heteroatom in Keggin structure and catalytic activities. Polyoxometalates H3[a-PW12O40] and  H4[a-SiW12O40] have high crystallinity with homogeneous distribution particles. Desulfurization of BT using polyoxometalates H3[a-PW12O40] and H4[a-SiW12O40] resulted % conversion up to 99% for 3 h reaction time and at temperature 40 oC. Application of polyoxometalates H3[a-PW12O40] and H4[a-SiW12O40] for crude oil desulfurization showed % conversion of 4-88%. The main functional groups of polyoxometalates still retained after catalytic desulfurization indicated the stability of polyoxometalate compounds

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