Khazanah Pendidikan
Khasanah Pendidikan Vol. II, Nomor 2, Maret 2010


Fathonah, Siti (Unknown)

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10 Mar 2010


This classroom action research is aimed at improving the speaking skills inBahasa Indonesia through the use of role play. The design of this research was that ofKemis and Mc Taggart with two cycle, each of which consisting of three steps. Therewere two types of data the first being the qualitative one  in the form photograph,completed observation sheet, answers of interview, and the second the quantitative inthe form of  the score of the pre-test and post-test at the end of every cycle. The datawas analyzed using the qualitative and quantitative descriptive analysis technique. Theresult showed that role play was effective in improving the students’ speaking skills.This could be seen from the increase of the average score of every cycle. The increasewas from average score of the pre-test of 53.66 to 63.93 at the end of cycle 1, and73.99 at the end of cycle 2. The result also showed that role play could develop positiveattitude towards the subject which could be seen from the students’ enthusiasm andmotivation. Students were also more confident in expressing their ideas, thought, andfeelings during the learning process. As to the mastery rate the data showed that 1student with 4% mastery in the pre-test, 11 students with 44% mastery in cycle 1 and21 with 84% mastery in cycle 2.Key words: role play, effective, increase of speaking skill.

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