Jurnal Manajemen Dayasaing
Vol 16, No 2 (2014): Jurnal Manajemen Daya Saing


Subiyanto, Subiyanto (Unknown)
Setyawan, Anton Agus (Unknown)

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06 Dec 2014


The purpose of this research are 1) Analyzing the performance level at KPP Pratama Boyolali to taxpayers using the Importance Performance Analysis (IPA), and 2) Knowing the position of each dimension of service quality according to the level of performance and level of importance as perceived by the taxpayer. The research method used quantitative design and kinds of research. Location of this research in KPP Pratama Boyolali. The sample in this study are active taxpayers residing in 19 districts in the working area of the KPP Pratama Boyolali are 99 respondents. Data collection methods used were questionnaires and literature. Analysis of the data used in this research is Importance-Performance Analysis. The results of data analysis can be summarized as follows: (1) PA analysis results quadrant 1 is known to have five performance factors that must be maintained, are neatness factor, appearance factor, employees of KPP Pratama Boyolali; safety factor; certainty opening and closing hours factor; attitude and courtesy officer factor, and factor in the employees sense of justice served when reporting and plea; (2) In the second quadrant there are two factors that tend to be excessive, the neatness and comfort factor of the waiting room, and service factors in the officer receiving the file; (3) Quadrant 3 consists of 8 factors that are included in a low priority, the hygiene factors parking lot and yard; cleanliness and tidiness of consulting room factor; equipment utilization factor; service procedures factor; employee capability responsiveness in service factor; employee readiness in helping customers factor; employees ability to be responsive in the face of complaints and problems factor, and the factors giving employees a sense of justice and concern the same for every taxpayer; and (4) Factors in quadrant 4 is a factor of the service information in a clear and straightforward, and the confidence factor can be completed on time.

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