Jurnal Manajemen Kesehatan Indonesia
Vol 1, No 3 (2013): Desember 2013

Evaluation of the Implementation of Posyandu (Integrated Service Center) Development Policy by Operasional Working Group (Pokjanal) City of Banjarmasin South Kalimantan Province (Case Study in The District of East Banjarmasin)

Sari, Anggrita (Unknown)
Kartika, Lucia Ratna (Unknown)
Kuntjoro, Tjahjono (Unknown)

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29 Feb 2016


Since 2010, in East Banjarmasin sub-district, members of sub-district operational team work(pokjanal) had been established based on the decree no. 10/2010 regarding sub-district Pokjanalboard member. The role and function of this pokjanal was not maximal. Objective of this study wasto evaluate the implementation of posyandu supervision by pokjanal based on supervision output,input, and process aspects.This was a descriptive-qualitative study with cross sectional approach. Data collection was doneusing in-depth interview technique on four sub-district pokjanal board members as main informants.Triangulation informants consisted of ten people. Content analysis was applied in the data analysis.Results of the study showed that sub-district pokjanal was established. However, based on evaluationon output aspect, it was found that completeness of data and information were insufficient; problemanalysis and intervention were not done; annual planning and supervision activity scheduleformulation were not performed; coordination activity and report of activities results were notdone. Input aspect: human resource, facilities, and funding were not provided according to the roleand function of pokjanal in implementing the supervision. Process aspect: data collection,information, and problem analysis were not done. Annual plan formulation, monitoring and activityevaluation were not implemented according to pokjanal function. This was caused by no socializationand technical guidance that could assist the work of pokjanal; therefore, no pokjanal activity reportdocuments were found.Conclusion of this study was that Pokjanal organization did not function properly. Reasons for thiscondition could be viewed from output aspect: posyandu supervision activity was not done; inputaspect: Pokjanal did not function according to their role; process aspect was not implementedaccording to the pokjanal guideline.It is suggested that stakeholder commitment and clarity are needed; cross sectors and cross programscoordination and communication should be optimized

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