EMITTER International Journal of Engineering Technology
Vol 1, No 1 (2013)

Smart I’rab: Smart Aplicasion for Arabic Grammar Learning

Farmadi, Syd. Ali Zein (Unknown)
Barakbah, Ali Ridho (Unknown)
Kusumaningtyas, Entin Martiana (Unknown)

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01 Dec 2013


Arabic grammar, known as nahwu, is necessary to comprehend the Holy Qur’an that is completely written in Arabic. However, many people get trouble to study this skill because there are various kinds of word formation and sentences that may be created from a single verb, noun, adjective, subject, predicate, object, adverb or another formation. This research proposes a new approach to identify the position and word function in Arabic sentence. The approach creates smart process that employs Natural Language Processing (NLP) and expert system with modeling based on knowledge and inference engine in determining the word position. The knowledge base determines the part of speech while the inference engine shows the word function in the sentence. On processing, the system uses 82 templates consisting of 34 verb templates, 34 subject pronouns, 14 pronouns for object or possessive word. All the templates are in the form of char array for harakat (vowel) and letters which become the comparators for determining the part of speech from input word sentence. Output from the system is an i’rab (the explanation of word function in sentence) written in Arabic. The system has been tested for 159 times to examine word and sentence. The examination for word that is done 117 times has not made any error except for the word that is really like another word. While the detection for word function in sentence that is done 42 times experiment, there is no error too. An error happens when the part of speech from the word being examined is not included in the system yet, influencing the following word function detection.Keywords: I’rab, Arabic grammar, NLP, expert system, knowledge base, inference engine

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