Jurnal Ilmu Ternak dan Veteriner
Vol 8, No 3 (2003): SEPTEMBER 2003

Growth rate of rex, satin rabbits and their cross fed with lactosym@ in an intensive raising system

Aritonang, Djamura (Unknown)
Roefiah, N.A Tul (Unknown)
Pasaribu, Tiurma (Unknown)
Raharjo, Yono C (Unknown)

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05 Feb 2012


An experiment was conducted to study the effect of breed, level of lactosym and their interaction on the growth performance of three breeds of rabbit, i.e.: Rex, Satin and their Cross. Thirty three-six week old (weaning) rabbits were contribute in a 3 x 3 factorial used of completely randomized design having 3-5 individual replication and fed one out of three levels of lactosym (0, 0.25 and 0.50 ml/head/week). The two factors were: breed and level of lactosym. Result showed that there were no significant differences between breed (P>0,05) for body weight gain, feed intake and feed conversion. Body weight was affected by the level of lactosym (P<0,05). Increase of lactosym level decreased body weight gain. Feed conversion were not affected by the level of lactosym (P>0,05). Interaction between breed and level of lactosym did not affect body weight gain and feed conversion (P>0,05), but affected feed intake (P<0,05).   Key words: Productivity, rabbits, lactosym

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