Kinerja: Jurnal Bisnis dan Ekonomi
Vol 14, No 2 (2010): Kinerja

Peran Gender, Pendapatan, dan Pendidikan Terhadap Loyalitas Konsumen Yang Berkunjung ke Mall

Haryono, Tulus (Unknown)
Hastjarjo KB, Dwi (Unknown)

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Publish Date
01 Aug 2010


This  study  was  meant  to  explain  the  relation  between  relationship marketing,  consumer  trust, consumer commitment, and consumer loyalty moderated by gender, income, and education. The data were collected through surveys to consumers loyal to Malls. Based on the number of the sample, the tests of sample validity and reliability showed that the result  was  that  the sample  was  valid  and  reliable. The  data  analysis  was  carried  out  by using “Structural Equation Model” (SEM). The  findings  of  the  present  study shows  that:  (1)  there  is  a  positive  and  significant  relation between relationship  marketing  and    consumer  trust,  (2)  there  is  a  positive  and  no significant relation between relationship marketing and consumer commitment, (3) there is a positive and significant  relation  between  consumer  trust  and consumer  commitment,  (4)  there  is  a  positive and significant relation between consumer commitment and consumer loyalty, and (5) there is a positive and no significant relation between relationship marketing and consumer loyalty.

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