Journal of Health
Vol 4 No 2 (2017): Journal of Health - Juli 2017

Hubungan Antara Pengetahuan dan Gaya Hidup dengan Hipertensi di Puskesmas Depok 2 Condong Catur Depok Sleman

Dewi, Eltanina Ulfameytalia (Unknown)
Bakri, Maria H. (Unknown)
Dari, Yohanes (Unknown)

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31 Jul 2017


Background: Hypertension is non-contagious disease caused by several factors such as stress, obesity, nutritions, and life style. Some people were known to consume junk food, smoking, and never routinely exercise. Objective: The aim is to find out the relationship of knowledge and life style with hypertension at Puskesmas Depok 2 Condong Catur Sleman Yogyakarta. Method: This is an analytical correlation research with cross sectional method. This research was conducted outpatient who attended Puskesmas Depok 2 Condong Catur Sleman Yogyakarta using purposive sampling as many with 129 patients. Result: Knowledge as general is enough 48,1% and life syle(41,1%). Hypertension as moderate level 49,6%. Ther is correlation between knowledge and life style with hypertention p value 0,000. Conclusion: There is a significant correlation between knowledge and life style with hypertension.

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