Jurnal Penelitian Politik
Vol 13, No 1 (2016): Komunitas ASEAN dan Tantangan Ke Depan

Intelijen dalam Pusaran Demokrasi di Indonesia Pasca Orde Baru

Bhakti, Ikrar Nusa (Unknown)
Mengko, Diandra M (Unknown)
Samego, Indria (Unknown)
Yanuarti, Sri (Unknown)
Siregar, Sarah Nuraini (Unknown)

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30 Jun 2016


AbstractIntelligence is a challenging topic to discuss due to its secrecy nature. Nevertheless, democracy has always supported the community to have, at least, basic understanding of all government agencies, including intelligence. In 2015, Center for Political Studies, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (P2P-LIPI) has conducted a research titled “Intelligence and Democratization in Indonesia Post New-Order”. This research not only discuss about intelligence theories, but also intelligence experience in transitional democracy states, brief history of Indonesian intelligence, and initial review on democratization of Indonesian intelligence. We argue that intelligence reform in Indonesia is a requisite. Intelligence should operate under democratic system and principles. The old paradigm of intelligence in Indonesia certainly will and must change, and oversight towards intelligence is necessity. Oversight mechanism would not weaken intelligence role, but rather it would enhance intelligence professionalism by gaining public support, legitimacy, and adequate budget. Keywords: Democracy, Intelligence, Indonesia, Politics, Post New-Order

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