Indonesian Journal of Physics and Nuclear Applications
Vol 1 No 1 (2016)

Basic Principle Application and Technology of Boron Neutron Capture Cancer Therapy (BNCT) Utilizing Monte Carlo N Particle 5’S Software (MCNP 5) with Compact Neutron Generator (CNG)

Payudan, Aniti (Unknown)
Aziz, Abdullah Nur (Unknown)
Sardjono, Yohannes (Unknown)

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28 Feb 2016


The purpose are to know basic principle, needed component, types of compact neutron generator, plus and minus CNG, identify materials can use as collimator, know physics parameters as input software MCNP 5, knowing step simulation with software MCNP 5, dose in BNCT, knowing boron compound that use in BNCT, getting collimator design for BNCTS application with source is compact neutron generator and count physics parameter of collimator output and compares it with standard IAEA. Method are reading reference and simulation with MCNP 5. The result are BNCT use high linear energy transfer from alpha and lithium as a result of 10B(n,α)7Li reaction. BNCT method is effective for cancer therapy. It is not dangerous to normal tissues. To work perfectly, BNCT needs neutron, boron (BSH and BPA as boron compound) Indonesia have study turmeric as boron compound, neutron source, collimator and dose. Dose component in BNCT that important are dose of recoil proton, dose of gamma, dose alfa and dose radiation to environmentally. CNG produce neutron with fussion reaction of deuterium-deuterium (2,45 MeV), deuterium-tritium (14 MeV), tritium-tritium(11,31 MeV) can used as neutron source BNCT. Many kinds of CNG are axial, coaxial, toroidal, plasma design, accelerator design, and CNG with diameter 2,5 cm. CNG have more benefit than another neutron source, make CNG compatible as BNCT application. Neutron from CNG need collimator to get neutron as IAEA’s parameter.  Material for collimator are wall and aperture (material: Ni, Pb, Bi), moderator (Al, Al2O3, S, AlF3), filter (6Li,10B, LiF, Al, Cd-nat,  Ni-60, BiF3, 157Gd, 151Eu), gamma shield (Bi, Pb). Simulation using MCNP 5 has severally steps, the first is sketching problem, the second is making listing program with notepad, the third open program on visual editor, and the last is running program. Acquired result is design tube collimator with radius 71 cm and high 139, 5 cm. Design contained on lead wall as thick as 19, 5 cm; moderate: heavy water as thick as 4 cm, AlF3 girdle a half of part CNG, MgF 2 (19 cm + 10 cm), Al (6,5 cm + 5 cm);Gamma shield: bismuth, and aperture with diameter 6 cm by steps aside nickel. The result collimator output cross three of five IAEAS defaults. They are the ratio among dosed gamma with flux epithermal is 5,738×10 -24Gy. cm 2 .n -1, the value of ratio among thermals neutron flux with epithermal neutron is 0, 02567, and ratio among current with flux neutron completely is 1, 2. Need considerable effort of all part to realize BNCT in Indonesia.

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