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Vol 6, No 1 (2009): Jurnal Fisika Flux Edisi Februari 2009

Simulasi Perambatan Gelombang Georadar (GPR) pada Suatu Media Berlapis

Suprianto, Agus (Unknown)

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23 Mar 2017


The simulation of the wave propagation of the radar in the sub-surface was very important to be understood before being carried out of field acquisition,to maximize the design of the acquisition and to optimized radar gram data’s.One of the approaches in the simulation of the data was to use propagationmodeling of the electromagnetic wave by using the Finite Difference TimeDomain solution (FDTD). Modeling of electromagnetic wave propagation in theGPR requires a solution of Maxwell’s equations or present a finite-differencetime-domain (FDTD) solution of Maxwell’s that permit accurate computation ofthe radiated field from a transmitting antenna. Propagating through the air-earthinterface, scattering by subsurface targets and reception of the scattered fieldsby receiving antenna. This technique is second-order accurate in time andfourth-order accurate in space. In this paper, I demonstrate the synthetic radargram by applying this technique to two-dimensional examples from a subsurfaceof stratified media.

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