Vol 3, No 1 (2017): Family Edu

Pengembangan Program Pelatihan Berbasis Green Family Education Bagi Remaja Di Panti Asuhan Kota Bandung

Haifa, Nuri (Unknown)
Jubaedah, Yoyoh (Unknown)
Widiaty, Isma (Unknown)

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01 Jun 2017


This research is motivated by the inexistence of  training program which is based on green family education, as well as  the amount of household waste in the orphanage’s environment  that have not been put to good use. The purpose of this study is to analyze the needs of the training program, to design a training program of green family education-based, to conduct the academics and practitioners’ expert judgment about the green family education-based training program in generating crafts from household waste, and to implement training programs based on green family education to the teenagers in an orphanage. This research employs ADDIE approach which includes Analysis, Design, Development, and Evaluation. The samples in this study consisted of three orphanage’s managers, two training experts, one expert in handcraft, and 27 teenagers. The need analysis of the green family education-based training program for teenagers needs some training to increase knowledge, skills, and self-learning. The designed training program consists of the identity of the program, purpose, benefits, materials, methodologies, and scenario of training activities. In addition, training programs include training modules. The results of expert judgment regarding the green family education-based training program show that the handicrafts of household waste are at very decent criteria. The achievement of these criteria is validated by experts consisting of programs identity, purpose, benefits, materials, methodologies, and scenario training activities aspects. The product assessment conducted after the juvenile training activities at orphanage are at good criteria. Here are some recommendations. For managers, it is necessary to facilitate infrastructure for the implementation of the training program. For teenagers, it is beneficial to spend their leisure time. For further research, the tested training programs can be implemented in other orphanage by adjusting the characteristics of teenagers, facilities, infrastructures in orphanage so that green family education-based training program can be implemented in the community as the Environmental program.

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