Asia Pacific Journal of Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Energy
Vol 5, No 2 (2017)

Effect of Added Succinylated Fish Gelatin on the Textural Profile of Stored Sardine Surimi Gel

Bahar, Mohamad Ikhwan Nazmi ( Food Technology Program, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, 11800, Malaysia )
Omosebi, Benedict Oludare ( Department of Food Technology, Federal Institute of Industrial Research , Oshodi, Lagos State, Nigeria )
Ardiansyah, A ( Department of Food Technology, Universitas Bakrie, Jakarta, Indonesia )
Huda, Nurul ( School of Food Industry, Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin, Besut Campus, 22200, Terengganu, Malaysia )

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17 Oct 2017


Gelatin is a biopolymer with unique functional properties that are very useful in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and photographic applications. Low quality gelatin such as that from fish has limited application because its gels have inferior rheological and functional properties. However, researchers are looking for ways to use this abundant resource. In this study, the effect of adding succinylated fish gelatin to stored sardine surimi was investigated. Changes in the   physicochemical properties of surimi gels depended on the degree of succinylation of the fish gelatin. As the degree of succinylation increased, expressible moisture and water holding capacity of surimi gels increased from 0.56 to 18.07% and from 2.86 to 20.45%, respectively. The lightness value of surimi gels also increased. Addition of succinylated fish gelatin had no effect on gel folding test results, but it did improve texture of the gels.  With increasing succinylation of fish gelatin, hardness of the gels increased from 11.11 to 77.78%, springiness from 0 to 20.83%, cohesiveness from 0 to 67.5%, gumminess from 9.38 to 200%, and chewiness from 8.7 to 265.22%. In summary, addition of succinylated fish gelatin improved the physicochemical properties of surimi gels.   Keywords- Fish gelatin, surimi, succinic anhydride, texural profile, water holding capacity

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