Asia Pacific Journal of Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Energy
Vol 5, No 2 (2017)

Sensory quality of brown rice Inpari 24 after 3 months of storage

Amelia, Putri ( Universitas Bakrie )
Ardiansyah, Ardiansyah ( Universitas Bakrie )
David, Wahyudi ( Universitas Bakrie )

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17 Oct 2017


Brown rice contributes to high bioactive content for human health however rancidity was the obstacle to store it properly. This research aims to estimate shelf life of brown rice Inpari 24 with polyethylene and polyethylene vacuum packaging by sensory analysis method.  The shelf life test based on the ISO 16779: 2015 by using 10 panelists. Brown rice was store under non-vacuum packaging treatment (PE) and vacuum packaging (PEV) for 3 months. The results show, in the preference plot, there was decreasing of acceptance of the panelist on PE and PEV from 0-3 month. In hazard function, panelists recognize that sensory changes in PE faster than PEV. There is no significant different of moisture content for both PE and PEV during 3 months evaluation. Free fatty acids in PE are increasing over three month meanwhile PEV remain stable. Overall evaluation, PEV shows better performance for storage mode in term of preference and perception of panelist. Keywords- brown rice, sensory analysis, panelist, shelf life, non-vacuum, vacuum, Inpari 24

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