Paediatrica Indonesiana
Vol 38 No 11-12 (1998): November 1998

Prevalence and Risk Factors of Asthma in Children Aged 13-14 Years

Rosalina, Ina (Unknown)
Kartasasmita, Cissy B (Unknown)
Soepriadi, Myrna (Unknown)

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11 Jul 2017


To determine the asthma prevalence and the role of some risk factors of asthma in children aged 13-14 years in Bandung, a study was conducted from April to May 1996 using using the International Study of Asthma and Allergies in childhood (ISAAC) written questionnaire. The study was conducted in 12 Junior high schools (SMP), selected by multistage population random sampling from 6 district in municipality of Bandung. A total of 3118 questionnaires were collected. The cumulative prevalence of asthma was 6.4% and the 12 month prevalence was 2.6%. The prevalence was higher in male, with a ratio of male : female of 1.48:1. The prevalence of asthma increased significantly in children with history of atopy in the family (OR 6.1; p<0.01); however no significant differences was found between children with one or both parents having history of atopy. The prevalence of asthma in smoking children, maternal and room mates had also increased significantly (OR = 2.1; 2.3; 2.6 and p=<0.05;<0.01;<0.01 respectively). However there was no significant effect of paternal smoking (p=0.074). The use of mosquito spray in the bedroom and having pets showed no effect on the prevalence of asthma (p=0.86 and 0.56 respectively).

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