Alfaz (Arabic Literatures for Academic Zealots)
Vol 6 No 01 (2018): June 2018

The terms of contemporary Arabic literary criticism

Hailiyati, Nia (Unknown)

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03 Oct 2018


This study discusses the use of developed terms of literary criticism in the Arab. literature always experiences renewal in terms of science because literary criticism is a cultural product that often interacts with the conditions of the surrounding world, one of which is the terms of literary criticism which is the criterion in its use, so that raises the question, what are the terms of the Arabic literary criticism that are developing now? the purpose of this study is to find out the terms of literary criticism that developed in contemporary times as balancing the transformation of the ever expanding world of external literature. The method used in this research is library research, which is by collecting library data related to terms in Arabic literature. The finding in this study is that in contemporary Arabic literature there are three phenomenal terms, first the inner experience of poets (writers), the second organic unity and the theme in literary works, the third form of poetry.

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