Jurnal Keperawatan Silampari
Vol 2 No 1 (2018): Jurnal Keperawatan Silampari (JKS)

Screening Pola Makan pada Pasien Diabetes Militus dengan Food Frequency Questioner

Isnaini, Nur (Unknown)
Hikmawati, Isna (Unknown)

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07 Nov 2018


The purpose of this study was to determine diet pattern screening in diabetes mellitus patients with a food frequency questioner. This research is descriptive research by looking at food type of staple, vegetables, fruits and other food and drinks using food frequence questionnaire. The frequency of food consumption is seen in a day, or week, or month, or within a year. Results: The most frequent food consumed by DM patients in Puskesmas 1 Cilongok is 24 people (60%) and followed by tempe consumption as many as 22 people (55%) with eating frequency> 1x / day. Vegetables that are often consumed are kangkung as many as 34 people (85%) and fruits are often consumed is 35 people mango (87.5%) and bananas as many as 21 people (22.5%). Conclusion: Screening of DM patients not only with the type of food but also needs to be done also the measurement of quantities and hours of eating so it can see the type of quantities and hours due to food factors become one of the causes of the incidence of DM. Keywords: diabetus mellitus, food frequence questioner.

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