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Vol 14, No 2 (2018): Jurnal KEMAS Vol.14 No.2 : November 2018

Anthropometric-Parameters and Total-Cholesterol to HDL-Cholesterol Ratio are Better in Long-Distance Cyclists (Indonesia North Coast and Tour de Borobudur 2017 Study)

Azam, Mahalul (Unknown)
Rahayu, Sri Ratna (Unknown)
Fibriana, Arulita Ika (Unknown)
Susanto, Hardhono (Unknown)
Kartasurya, Martha Irene (Unknown)
Bahrudin, Udin (Unknown)

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05 Dec 2018


Total-Cholesterol (TC) to HDL-Cholesterol (HDL-C) ratio in athletes is well-known to be better than sedentary people. However, information about comparison of TC/HDL-C in different groups of cyclists based on cycling touring characteristics and anthropometry parameters is lacking. This study aimed to compare TC/HDL-C ratio between groups based on the type of tour in cyclists population. Eighty-eight participants were recruited in this cross-sectional study. Mean differences of parameters between groups was analyzed by One-Way Anova and independent t-test, whereas multivariate analyses was conducted by binary logistic-regression. P value <0.05 was considered statistically significant. TC/HDL-C ratio in all groups were less than 4.5. There is no differences of TC-levels (NC240K: 216.6±55.04, TdB140K: 208.1±27.13, TdB100K: 203.1±31.95; p=0.427). But there is significantly different level of HDL-C (NC240K: 68.9±19.09, TdB140K: 52.1±13.9, TdB100K: 53.6±12.45; p=0.0001) and TC/HDL-C ratio (NC240K: 3.3±1.12, TdB140K: 4.2±1.07, TdB100K: 4.0±1.06; p=0.007). Between TC/HDL ratio groups (≥4 or <4), there were differences of weight, BMI, waist-circumference, hip-circumference and type of tour (p<0.05). Finally, BMI and type of tour were the most influential factor. Long-distance cyclists have a synergistic effect of lipid profile and anthropometry measurements, and heavier cycling tour participant, that represent cycling training habits, tend to have lower TC/HDL ratio(< 4).

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