International Journal of Remote Sensing and Earth Sciences (IJReSES)
Vol 13, No 2 (2016)


alfuadi, nanda (Unknown)
Wandala, Agie (Unknown)

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02 Jun 2017


Indonesian society needs information on potential hydrometeorological disasters, therefore the development of rainfall estimation methods becomes an important research activities to support disaster risk reduction. Central Kalimantan were selected as research location for comparative test of rainfall estimation methods based on Himawari-8 IR1 (11μm) data, because it has area with cloud cover fairly intensive throughout the year. Some rainfall estimation methods tested in this research are AE, CST, CSTM, IMSRA. Non Linear Relation, and Non Linear Inversion. Each of these methods tends to have a weakness in the value of accuracy, so this research aims to determine the most accurate method to be applied in Palangkaraya (27 meters above sea level) city and Muratewe (60 meters above sea level) district in Central Kalimantan. The experiment was conducted during the period of highest rainfall in January and February 2016 by converting the temperature data cloud tops (IR1) into a precipitation with AE, CST, CSTM, IMSRA, Non Linear Relation and Non Linear Inversion method. Based on the results of quantitative analysis, it was known that IMSRA was the best method which can be applied in rainfall estimation in Muarateweh’s and Palangka Raya’s winter period. The Accuracy of all estimation methods decreased when it was applied in Palangka Raya at afternoon and in Muarateweh at night until early morning. The estimation method with the lowest score was the AE with an average MSE value > 90 and the best estimation method was IMSRA with MSE value <12.

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