International Journal of Remote Sensing and Earth Sciences (IJReSES)
Vol 15, No 2 (2018)


Julzarika, Atriyon (Unknown)
Nugroho, Udhi Catur (Unknown)

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25 Feb 2019


The satellite technology has developed significantly. The sensors of remote sensing satellites are in the form of optical, Microwave, and LIDAR. These sensors can be used for energy and mineral resources applications. The example of those applications are height model and the potential of geothermal manifestation detection. This study aims to detect the potential of geothermal manifestation using remote sensing. The study area is the Northern of the Inverse Arc of Sulawesi. The method used is remote sensing approach for its preliminary detection with 4 steps as follow (a) mining land identification, (b) geological parameter extraction, (c) preparation of standardized spatial data, and (d) geothermal manifestation. Mining lands identification is using Vegetation Index Differencing method. Geological parameters include structural geology, height model, and gravity model. The integration method is used for height model. The height model integration use ALOS PALSAR data, Icesat/GLAS, SRTM, and X SAR. Structural geology use dip and strike method. Gravity model use physical geodesy approach. Preparation of standardized spatial data with re-classed and analyzed using Geographic Information System between each geological parameter, whereas physical geodesy methods are used for geothermal manifestation detection. Geothermal manifestation using physical geodesy approach in Barthelmes method. Grace and GOCE data are used for gravity model. The geothermal manifestation detected from any parameter is analyzed by using geographic information system method. The result of this study is 10 area of geothermal manifestation potential. The accuracy test of this research is 87.5 % in 1.96 σ. This research can be done efficiently and cost-effectively in the process. The results can be used for various geological and mining applications.

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