Jurnal Ilmu Ternak dan Veteriner
Vol 23, No 4 (2018): DECEMBER 2018

Estimating Breeding values for milk production and mastitis traits for Holstein cattle in Egypt

Faid-Allah, Eslam ( Department of Animal Production, Faculty of Agriculture, Minuofiya University, Egypt )

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17 Jan 2019


This study was carried out to evaluate the sires and dams genetically for milk production and mastitis traits in Egyptian 12 herds of Holstein cattle using Best Linear Unbiased Prediction via MTDFREML program. The data was obtained from a commercial farm called Dena, located in Cairo-Alex Desert Road (80 Km), Menofia, Egypt. Data included 4791 cows, 4227 dams and 248 sires that represented the period from 2007 to 2014. Estimating breeding values for milk production traits as cumulative milk yield at 90 days (90-DM), cumulative milk yield at 180 days (180-DM), cumulative milk yield at 270 days (270-DM), cumulative milk yield at 305 days (305-DM), and number of mastitis infection around the season of lactation (MAST). The averages of the 90-DM, 180-DM, 270-DM, 305-DM and MAST were 3026.3±655.1 kg, 5873.3±1081.1 kg, 7891.1±2692.2 kg, 9611.2±1897.9 kg, and 0.712±1.2 time/parity, respectively. Estimates of heritability for the previous traits were 0.11±0.016, 0.15±0.014, 0.18±0.012, 0.22±0.015, and 0.09±0.029, respectively; genetic variance were 47206.2 kg, 175300.6 kg, 1304654.4 kg, 792411.6 kg and 0.12 time/parity, respectively; and phenotypic variance were 429147.6 kg, 1168670.6 kg, 7248079.9 kg, 3601870.9 kg, and 1.35 time/parity, respectively. The EBV values as average, SD, (Min: Max) for sires were 0.0±0.179 (-0.4: 0.66) for MAST, 0.0±86.176 (-263.1: 245.4) for 90-DM, 0.0±227.523 (-600.3: 800.3) for 180-DM, 0.0±413.48 (-323.3: 1277.7) for 270-DM and 0.0±440.26 (-1280.9: 1565.1) for 305-DM. Also, The EBVs for dams were 0.0±0.055 (-0.14: 0.45) for MAST, 0.033±26.24 (-142.8: 103.0) for 90-DM, 0.074±76.81 (-360.2: 289.6) for 180-DM, -0.045±139.66 (-591.9: 529.2) for 270-DM and 0.266±154.1 (-666.3: 617.6) for 305-DM. These results provide that the selection of sires and dams will improve the traits of milk production and mastitis in this herd because of the wide differences in genetic potential among sires and dams.

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