CROP AGRO, Scientific Journal of Agronomy
Vol 12 No 01 (2019): Jurnal Crop Agro Januari 2019

Pertumbuhan dan Hasil Berbagai Varietas Kacang Tanah antara Penanaman secara Monokrop dan Bersama Padi Beras Merah pada Sistem Irigasi Aerobik

Iryani, Emi (Unknown)
WANGIYANA, Wayan (Unknown)
Dulur, Ni Wayan Dwiani (Unknown)

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12 Feb 2019


ABSTRACT This study aimed to compare growth and yield of five varieties of peanuts between monocropping and growing together with red rice plants in an aerobic system, by carrying out a pot experiment in a plastic house. The experiment was designed according to Completely Randomized Design with two treatment factors arranged factorially, namely peanut varieties (Biawak, Hypoma-1, G300-II line, local Wajik and local Bima) and cropping patterns (monocrop or growing together red rice plants), and each treatment combination was made in 3 replications. Data were analyzed using analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Tukey's HSD at 5% level of significance, using CoStat for Windows ver. 6.303. The results indicated that there was an interaction effect between cropping patterns and peanut varieties on fresh stover weight and dry pod weight per clump, which indicated differences in responses among peanut varieties to cropping patterns. Compared with on monocrop, planting together with rice plants significantly reduced fresh stover weight but only on Hypoma-1, as well as significantly reduced dry pod weight but only on Hypoma-1 and G300-II. However, seed yield per clump was on average not influenced by different cropping patterns, and there was even a tendency for total number of seeds per clump to be higher on peanut grown together with red rice plants, i.e. on local Wajik and Biawak varieties. In contrast, weight of 20 seeds, leaf number and branche number were lower, but plant height was higher, on peanut plants grown together with rice plants in one pot compared with on monocrop.

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