Asia Pacific Journal of Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Energy
Vol 1, No 1 (2013)

Mocaf Bread enriched with Mung Bean (Vigna radiata L.) as a source of protein

Yenrina, Rina ( Universitas Andalas )
Murtius, Wenny Surya ( Universitas Andalas )
Putri, Nezly N ( Universitas Andalas )

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24 Oct 2013


This study aim to determine the effect of substitution Mocaf ( Modified Cassava Flour) and mung bean flour on bread making .The treatments used were A (60% Wheat flour: 40% Mocaf), B (60% Wheat flour: 35% Mocaf: 5% mung bean flour), C (60% Wheat flour: 30% Mocaf: 10% mung bean flour), D (60% wheat flour: 25% Mocaf: 15% mung bean flour).The results showed that the substitution Mocaf and mung bean flour significantly different influence on the increase of water content, ash content, protein content, color, flavor, degree of development and reduced levels of carbohydrates, sugar. But the influence did not differ significantly to fat content, aroma and texture. The results of organoleptic tests and chemical analysis showed the product D was the best product with the average preference for colour, flavour, texture and taste (3.63 to 32.90), moisture content (27.19%), ash content (1, 36%), protein content (9.57%), fat content (7.79%), carbohydrate content (52.67%), sugar (14.37%) and degree of development (57, 23%).Keywords: Mocaf Bread, Mung Bean (Vigna radiata L.), source of protein

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