Jurnal Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan
Vol 3, No 5 (2013): Jurnal Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan

Cooperative Learning Picture and Picture Study in Civics Lesson Topic as ideology Pancasila Open To Improve Learning Outcomes in Class XII IS-2 SMA PGRI 7 Banjarmasin academic year 2012

Nurdiyansyah, Nurdiyansyah ( Universitas Lambung Mangkurat )
Sarbaini, Sarbaini ( Universitas Lambung Mangkurat )
Kiptiah, Mariatul ( Universitas Lambung Mangkurat )

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Publish Date
31 May 2013


The fact that are seen in the activity of class XII students IS-2 SMA PGRI 7 Banjarmasin in teaching Civics are still very low which ultimately have an impact on student achievement were not optimal. It can be proved by the value of class XII student achievement IS-2 SMA PGRI 7 Banjarmasin on the material as ideology Pancasila Open only reached an average of 5.0 below 7.0 as determined mastery learning curriculum. The research objective is: (1) to improve student learning outcomes by using cooperative learning picture and picture type (2) to achieve those goals and then executed action research and meetings with several cycles. Data collection techniques used are observation, questionnaires, documentation, and test learning outcomes through several cycles, the cycle I and cycle II The results of this study indicate (1) cooperative learning type picture and picture on the material as ideology Pancasila Open can improve student achievement, from 47.6% in the classical mastery in the first cycle to 95.2% in the classical mastery on the second cycle. (2) Participation of students in the teaching and learning that is 18.5% in the first cycle to 23.5% in the second cycle, the first cycle of learning and teachers are 59% and then on the second cycle teachers learning to 80%. (3) The results of students´ response to learning that the teacher presented showed that students liked and highly motivated with cooperative learning type of picture and picture. Based on the above results, it is recommended as follows: (1) to the students, it is recommended to follow the active learning in the classroom, (2) To the Civics teacher, it is advisable to always conduct reforms in teaching and learning, (3) To SMA PGRI 7 Banjarmasin, it is suggested that in management and school policy measures such as the use of instructional media, (4) To the Department of Education and Culture, it is expected that the results of this study useful as feedback (feed back) in response to the problems of the current study, (5) To Prodi PPKN, may be able to add in a library pembendaharaan PPKN Prodi, (6) To the researchers, may be a provision in educating future.

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