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Jln. Dokter Soetomo No.1, Karangcengis Sidakaya Cilacap Jawa Tengah 53212
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Madani : Indonesian Journal of Civil Society
ISSN : 26862301     EISSN : 2686035X     DOI :
Core Subject : Humanities,
A periodical scientific journal which is a means of publicizing the results of Community Service Activities from various disciplines published and managed by Pusat Penelitian dan Pengabdian Masyarakat (P3M), Cilacap State Polytechnic. The Meaning of the Madani : Indonesian Journal of Civil Society is Progressive intended that this journal can accommodate the idea of a change that has taken place in an advanced, widespread and sustainable manner whereas Humanis is intended to accommodate the ideas of different ways of thinking that focus on general solutions to problems, problems or issues relating to humans and Brainstorming has intended this journal used as a means of scientific publication that is used to issue ideas from every team members who are done in a structured and systematic from the results of the Community Service that has been implemented.
Arjuna Subject : Umum - Umum
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