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Jurnal Adabiyah
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Jurnal Adabiyah adalah jurnal yang diterbitkan oleh Fakultas Adab dan Humaniora, Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN) Alauddin Makassar. Terbit dua kali setahun pada bulan Juni dan Desember. Berisi tulisan ilmiah dan hasil penelitian dalam bidang Ilmu Keislaman yang berlatar keadaban.
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Scientific Analisys of interpretation of Imam Musthofa al-Maraghi against Surat al-Araf verse 116 and Thaha verse 66 Arofah, Barorotul Ulfah
Jurnal Adabiyah: Humanities and Islamic Studies Vol 18, No 2 (2018): Islamic Studies (In Press)
Publisher : Faculty of Adab and Humanities - Alauddin State Islamic University of Makassar

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This study discusses the interpretation of Imam Musthofa al-Maraghi against Surat al-Araf verse 116 and Thaha verse 66 set forth in Tafsir al-Maraghi. Given Tafsir Al-Maraghi is a book of tafseer relevant to the advancement of science and technology, then in his interpretation often combine with science, including both verses. In his interpretation using the word زئبقا which means mercury. The explanation of the interpretation of the event is still lacking, so it can not be used as a reference. Therefore, researchers are inspired to analyze the word زئبقا. If this study is not done, then the society will always be taqid (following without knowing the basis / truth) to the interpretation of al-Maraghi. In addition, Al-Maraghis book of interpretation can be a reference for all circles. After doing research, Al-Maraghis interpretation is correct. The change of Pharaohs wand and rope became a snake because there was mercury in the form of salt, mercury (II) thiocyanate (Hg(SCN)2).

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