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Football as a Form of Political Communication for St. Pauli Football Club Supporters Perdana, Kiki Esa
Jurnal Dinamika Global Vol 1 No 02 (2016): Jurnal Dinamika Global
Publisher : Universitas Jenderal Ahmad Yani

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The development of political communication has changed the conventional concept of politics and football. A broader understanding of political system and democracy has led football into something new, football is a new form of media and supporter is conveying a message.  This  article  assesses  how  supporters use football as a medium for political purpose and how the involvement for supporters in the process. The results indicated that in the end, political communication is a process and affected by a political culture in society.
JIPSI Jurnal Ilmu Politik dan Komunikasi Vol 9 No 2 (2019): Jurnal Ilmu Politik dan Komunikasi
Publisher : Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik, Universitas Komputer Indonesia

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This study aims to analyze the process of opinion formation through twitter social media during the campaign period of Governor Election of West Java using qualitative method. Collection data in this study was based on observations of the @ridwankamil account for 30 days of the campaign period, from 15 February to 15 March 2018. The selection of accounts for one of the Governor Candidates of West Java was based on the subjectivity of the   researchers' assessment through observations on social media. The researchers grouped 4 major issues into the theme in the process of forming a campaign opinion in the contents of the @ridwankamil account; Program Vision Vision, Religion, Performance Achievement, and Cultural Identity. The analysis during the 30-day campaign the first account @ridwankamil voiced a lot of vision, mission, programs noted as much as 60%, religion 16, 25%, 13.75% performance achievement and 10% cultural identity. Opinion of the campaign that is spread through Twitter is able to attract the attention of most of the people of West Java through direct responses from followers with various kinds of response. The formation of opinions through Twitter is one form of self-proof of modernization in a campaigning style. The @ridwankamil account is able to utilize Twitter social media as a way of forming and leading opinions by interacting with the public because it does not have mainstream media as a means of delivering messages. The responses obtained from followers are influenced by the ease of accessing Twitter social networks and the high interest of West Java residents who actively use Twitter social media
LINIMASA: JURNAL ILMU KOMUNIKASI Vol 3 No 1 (2020): Januari 2020
Publisher : Ilmu Komunikasi, FISIP Universitas Pasundan

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The development of football in Indonesia is very interesting, according to Permendagri number 32 of 2011 and 39 of 2012 rules since 2005, football clubs in Indonesia are required to have a professional company background, may no longer be funded by the state budget or regional finance, therefore, all major clubs in Indonesia , changing the structure of their management into a professional company seeking funding from sponsors. So this transition is pretty much a hassle for many football clubs, not a few clubs that are a little turned into professional management, but stuck in the old way. Still not practicing professional public relations management as it should, but still using government relations, PT. Persib Bandung is one of the clubs deemed successful in carrying out this transformation by turning to a professional company. In epistemology, PT. Persib Bandung with dignity already has many advantages with a supporter base that has been well established for a long time. Public relations management is just continuing their good performance.
Understanding Distortion of Islam Nusantara on Public Opinion in Indonesia on Political Ambience of 2019 Presidential Election Perdana, Kiki Esa
The International Journal of Pegon : Islam Nusantara civilization Vol 2 No 01 (2019): Menggali dan Melestarikan Khazanah Keilmuan Ulama Nusantara
Publisher : INC- Islam Nusantara Center

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One of the most important roles in communication in life is that the information that is received is not distorted; moreover it can be received by the communicator completely. With a good plot of communication, all the process of information flows and good will from Islam Nusantara will be considered smooth and succeed. Communication effect or feedback is very important for all the information flows without exception so that the final result that is gained is really appropriate. In the end, all those people who have role to convey the communication activity of Islam Nusantara must pass through the process diligently; because it is definitely that the communication process of Islam Nusantara will be distorted, with so many unsubstantial disagreements emerge.
Analisa Model Komunikasi Lasswell Pada Halaman “@aswaja_sunda” Dalam Turut Mempertahankan Ajaran Islam Ahlussunnah Wal Jamaah di Media Instagram Perdana, Kiki Esa
The International Journal of Pegon : Islam Nusantara civilization Vol 5 No 01 (2021): Aswaja, Kontekstualitas dan Spiritualitas Tradisi Islam Nusantara
Publisher : INC- Islam Nusantara Center

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جودول ڤينيليتييان إيني أدالاه "أناليسا موديل كومونيكاسي لاسويلل ڤادا هالامان @أسواجا_سوندا" دالام توروت ميمڤيرتاهانكان أجاران أهل السنّه والجامعة دي ميدييا إنستاڬرام". أجاران أسواجا ميروڤاكان أجاران ياڠ باۑاك ديڤيرتاهانكان باۑاك أومات إسلام ديڠان بيراڬام چارا دالام كيهيدوڤان بيرأڬاما إسلام سيهاري-هاري. توجووان ڤينيليتييان إيني أدالاه أونتوك ميڠيتاهووي باڬإيمانا سيباڬييان كيچيل داري أومات إسلام دي نوسانتارا ميمڤيرتاهانكان أجاران كيإسلامان ياڠ ميريكا ڤيرچايإي دالام كيهيدوڤان كيسيهارييان ميريكا دي دونييا إينتيرنيت, تيروتاما ڤادا ميدييا سوسييال إينستاڬرام ديليهات دالام ڤينديكاتان بودايا, دالام هال إيني بودايا سوندا, دالام ڤينديكاتان موديل كومونيكاسي لاسويلل. ڤينيليتييان إيني ميڠڬوناكان ستودي كاسوس ديسكريڤتيف كوواليتاتيف. ڤيڠومڤولان داتا ديلاكوكان ميلالوإي واوانچارا, أوبسيرفاسي دان ستودي ڤوستاكا. سيداڠكان ڤيڠوجييان فاليديتاس داتا دالام ڤينيليتييان إيني ميڠڬوناكان تريأڠولاسي داتا, داتا ياڠ ديڤيروليه ديسيسوأيكان أتأو ديلاكوكان چيك أولاڠ ديڠان جوملاه ڤيڠيكوت سيكيتار ليبيه داري ٥١.٠٠٠ أوراڠ, ماكا ڤينديكاتان ياڠ ديلاكوكان أدمين ديڠان باۑاك ميڠڬوناكان باهاسا دأيراه (سوندا), دينيلإي مينوأو هاسيل چوكوڤ ڤوسيتيف. Judul penelitian ini adalah “analisa model komunikasi laswell pada halaman @asaja_sunda” dalam turut mempertahankan ajaran Islam Ahlussunnah Wal Jamaah di media instagram”. Ajaran aswaja merupakan ajaran yang banyak dipertahankan banyak umat islam dengan beragam cara dalam kehidupan beragama islam sehari-hari. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui bagaimana sebagian kecil dari umat islam di nusantara mempertahankan ajaran keislaman yang mereka percayai dalam kehidupan keseharian mereka di dunia internet, terutama pada media sosial instagram dilihat dalam pendekatan budaya, dalam hal ini budaya sunda, dalam pendekatan model komunikasi Lasswell. Penelitian ini menggunakan studi kasus deskriptif kualitatif. Pengumpulan data dilakukan melalui wawancara, observasi dan studi pustaka. Sedangkan pengujian validitas data dalam penelitian ini menggunakan triangulasi data, data yang diperoleh disesuaikan atau dilakukan cek ulang dengan sumber data lainnya. Berdasarkan hasil penelitian penulis menyimpulkan bahwa dengan jumlah pengikut sekitar lebih dari 51.000 orang, maka pendekatan yang dilakukan admin dengan banyak menggunakan bahasa daerah (sunda), dinilai menuai hasil cukup positif. The title of this research is "analysis of the Laswell communication model on the @asaja_dunda page" in helping to defend the teachings of Islam Ahlussunnah Wal Jamaah on Instagram media ". The aswaja teaching is a teaching that is maintained by many santri in their daily Islamic life which is full of various understandings of the Islamic religion itself. The purpose of this study is to find out how a small number of Indonesian students maintain the Islamic teachings they believe in their daily lives in the internet world, especially on social media Instagram seen in a cultural approach, in this case, Sundanese culture, in the Lasswell communication model approach. This research uses a qualitative descriptive case study. Data collection was carried out through interviews, observation, and literature study. While testing the validity of the data in this study using data triangulation, the data obtained was adjusted or double-checked with other data sources. Based on the results of the research, the authors concluded that with the number of followers of more than 51,000 people, the approach taken by the admin by using a lot of regional languages ​​(Sundanese), is considered to reap quite positive results.