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Journal of Applied Science, Engineering, Technology, and Education Vol. 1 No. 2 (2019)
Publisher : Yayasan Ahmar Cendekia Indonesia

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Based on the results of the analysis of accident prone locations on Jenderal Ahmad Yani road in 2015-2018 using the Equivalent Accident Number (EAN) method, the location that are identified as accident prone is at coordinates 6.2444641- -6.2356937 (crossing area of the Jenderal Ahmad Yani road with the Burang Rang Raya road ? Overpass that leads to the Summarecon Bekasi iconic roundabout), with as many as 40 accidents. The number of death caused by traffic accident are as many as 13 people, seriously injured as many as 7 people, minor injuries as many as 46 people, and experience material loss of 37 objects and a maximum of Rp 80.800.000.- . The most dominant cause of accidents on Ahmad Yani road Bekasi in 2015-2018 is human error with 74% percentage and 26% due to vehicle error with total of 40 accidents.
Train Station Performance Evaluation Based On Minimum Service Standard (Case Study: Cikarang Station, West Java) Dermawan, Widodo Budi; Fibriyanto, Nurul
Quantitative Economics and Management Studies Vol. 1 No. 2 (2020)
Publisher : Yayasan Ahmar Cendekia Indonesia

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As the population grows and the economic level in the Cikarang area increases the movement of the people. Provision of mass transportation or transportation using the train is very necessary to anticipate the congestion that will occur by providing this train station can be an alternative. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct research to assess the performance and quality of service to to find out how much the level of passenger satisfaction with the service performance of the cikarang station. The method used is the Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) and Chi Square Squares. This study uses 100 respondents for each method. Station performance that does not meet Minimum Service Standards such as waiting rooms, boarding rooms and passenger service facilities. From the analysis obtained the average value of the level of passenger satisfaction with the services and facilities of the Cikarang Station, namely the value of the level of performance with an average weight of 3.17 and the value of satisfaction with an average weight of 3.17, from the highest score of 5 and the lowest score 1. Chi Square Test on the Station Cikarang shows that service factors that significantly influence passenger satisfaction are cleanliness and comfort of the toilet.
Pedestrian Facility Analysis For Utilization and Comfort Dermawan, Widodo Budi; Daputro, Nuzul Ardi
IJTI International Journal of Transportation and Infrastructure eISSN 2597-4769 pISSN 2597-4734 Vol 4 No 2 (2021): March 2021
Publisher : NAROTAMA UNIVERSITY, Indonesia

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As the population continues to grow, it results in a lot of human mobility. However, the high mobility is not matched by transportation facilities and infrastructure services, especially the sidewalks. One of the areas with existing sidewalk problems is Bekasi Highway KM. 18. The problems that occur are that the sidewalks are used as a place to sell street vendors, are used as illegal parking lots and the unavailability of guide tiles for persons with disabilities. The methodology of this research is carried out by conducting geometric surveys, measuring the volume and travel time of pedestrians to determine service levels and distribute questionnaires to 63 respondents to pedestrians in finding the level of performance and the importance of sidewalk facilities. The processing of this data uses Microsoft Excel and the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) using the Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) method. The results of the analysis carried out by geometric surveys show that the sidewalks have not met the minimum standards according to regulations. From the measurement results of the volume and travel time of pedestrians, the service level is obtained with category B, as well as the results of the questionnaire related to the level of performance and the importance of sidewalk facilities, namely quadrant I there is Circulation, Climate, Shape, Safety, Cleanliness, Beauty, in quadrant II there is Circulation, Noise, Smells, Cleanliness and in quadrant III there is Circulation, Noise, and Cleanliness.