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KOMUNIDA : Media Komunikasi dan Dakwah Vol 5 No 1 (2015): Komunida : Media Komunikasi dan Dakwah
Publisher : Fakultas Ushuluddin, Adab, dan Dakwah IAIN Parepare

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Culture is a form of communication habits of interaction that is built up in society. Patriarchal hegemony affects the dominant form of interaction and sub-dominant between male and female, have an impact on the lives of women reached the level of communication behavior. As a result, women in political roles at several barriers faced among others, the domestication of women who gave birth to a more intense interaction model is built on communal group (ingroup) and will be faced with the threat of cultural shock (culture shock) when dealing with multicultural culture outgroup political area is the domain of men. Women become silent (silent) due to frustrated communication (Communication frustated) because the behavior of ethnocentrism, and experience the tension (anxiety) in communication. Stereotypes also one of the factors inhibiting women because of the quality of the universal generalized to the ability that is identical with the domestic. As a result, women do not occupy a strategic position of decision makers, and not involved in the process and results of political decisions that are less accommodating toward women. Political culture is still very strong with masculinity tend to use harsh methods and the most votes, and put men in decision-making, with the pattern of political rights of women administrators neglected, on the other hand women do not have the courage to be critical of the treatment these discriminatory. Yet culture is the result of the human mind open to change. If the problem of low female roles result from cultural communication although the approaches and strategies carried out with such communication approaches, capacity building of women by building an extensive interaction within the community, improve self-concept in a positive direction, and approach to parenting in the family.
KOMUNIDA : Media Komunikasi dan Dakwah Vol 6 No 1 (2016): Komunida : Media Komunikasi dan Dakwah
Publisher : Fakultas Ushuluddin, Adab, dan Dakwah IAIN Parepare

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This study aimed to find out how big the response of students to the social networks and examines the impact of the use of social networking on verbal communication and non-verbal students in vocational DDI Pare Pare. This study used descriptive qualitative approach that describes the impact of social networking through analysis and using observation, interview and documentation as well as based on the learner activity. This study is based on the theory of Raph Larosa and C. Reitzes (1993) they assume that the individual development can occur through interaction with others. In line with the George Herbert Mead (1934) argued that humans should develop ideas through interaction with others. Burhan (2009) adds that technology has created a global interaction so that each individual has unwittingly created a real society and virtual communities. These results indicate that the positive and negative impact on the use of social networking verbal and nonverbal personal communication students in vocational DDI Pare Pare is reflected in the way we communicate and gestures they use. The written language they use to interact consciously or not often they say. While their non-verbal language reflected yan code they use in life nayata.
KOMUNIDA : Media Komunikasi dan Dakwah Vol 6 No 2 (2016): Komunida : Media Komunikasi dan Dakwah
Publisher : Fakultas Ushuluddin, Adab, dan Dakwah IAIN Parepare

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This study discusses the frequency of visits of students and influence online shop online shop use the buying interest of students. and to determine the effect of Use Online Shop to purchase interest students STAIN Pare Pare. The theory used in this research is the theory of the satisfaction and usage (uses and graditfications Theory) This study uses a quantitative approach used in collecting data and observations and questionnaires. The population of this research is the students who use online sites STAIN shop located in Pare Pare and the sample is taken every STAIN departments in Pare Pare. The sampling technique used was simple random sampling technique, data analysis technique that is the product moment correlation, mancari correlation between (X) and (Y). Visit online shop Students STAIN Pare Pare is quite attractive for display Online shop itself is so interesting and provide some easiness for its users like the ease of ordering and delivery of goods, as well as with the price of the goods it offers easier compared to the price of the items in stores. Media Blackberry Messenger is the most demanding media students in using the site's online shop because the media has many advantages compared with other media, and most meet the needs of users. This is evidenced by the in-depth data analysis using product moment correlation for correlations between variables x (use online shop) and y variables (the buying interest of students). The result obtained by the value of n or the number of samples investigated, the equal liberty is 57-2 = 55 with a standard error of 5%, the r-table 0,266, This is true provided that if r-count is greater than r-table (r-count> r the table was) then H1 accepted and H0 is rejected. Vice versa if r-count is smaller than r-table (r-count <r-table) then H1 (there is the effect of using onlie shop to purchase interest of students STAIN Pare Pare) is rejected and H0 (there is no influence of use onlie shop on buying interest STAIN students Parepare) is obtained hasilt diterima.Penelitian r-count 0578 where r is calculated in terms of a hypothetical conclusions based on sampled data and r-table 0266 aritnya that r-count> r-table, then H0 rejected H1 accepted and means a significant positive correlation between the variables X and Y. conclusion, it is evident that there is the effect of the use of the online shop to purchase interest students STAIN Pare Pare.
KOMUNIDA : Media Komunikasi dan Dakwah Vol 7 No 1 (2017): Komunida : Media Komunikasi dan Dakwah
Publisher : Fakultas Ushuluddin, Adab, dan Dakwah IAIN Parepare

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The couple's relationship is the interpersonal relationship of the psychological level, so the interaction of information exchange is related to the matter of privacy (affection) so that thoughts and feelings are expressed in an over disclosure. Self-disclosure at the beginning of the relationship includes general messages not revealing privacy to penetrate relationships. Entering intimate stages of eruptions and disclosure of over disclosure can lead to a connection to penetration due to conflicting differences. The presence of couples conflict is effectively managed to keep the couple alive for a happy life, because each party in a familiar partner relationship aims to minimize suffering and maximize happiness. Conflict pair can give positive effect also negative effect. Negative outcomes: weakening relationships can erode satisfaction and commitment in relationships, undermine cohesion and work performance, increase anxiety and depression, and weaken the immune system. Positive effects of conflict if managed effectively include: preventing stagnation, stimulating interest, atmosphere, and solving problems, shaping identity, and allowing for change. The significance of communication is presented as the main approach in conflict resolution. Communication skills are the most important aspect of responding to conflict effectively.
KOMUNIDA : Media Komunikasi dan Dakwah Vol 8 No 1 (2018): Komunida : Media Komunikasi dan Dakwah
Publisher : Fakultas Ushuluddin, Adab, dan Dakwah IAIN Parepare

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Self-disclosure or "self disclosure" can be interpreted as giving information about yourself to others. The information provided can include various things such as life experiences, feelings, emotions, opinions, ideals, etc. Self-disclosure needs to be done by the dormitory because it is one way to adapt to the new environment. Self-disclosure, among others, is influenced by gender differences. Self-disclosure is closely related to effective interpersonal communication. The type of research conducted by the researcher is descriptive qualitative research using interviews, observation and documentation to find the data to be analyzed using triangulation techniques. The results of this study indicate that STAIN Parepare male dormitory and female dormitory students are able to build interpersonal relationships by means of self-disclosure and are able to provide an overview of the existence of gender differences in terms of the process of building interpersonal relationships. The relationship stage that can be formed through the sixth stage of the process becomes a reference for discussion to develop interpersonal relationships. Interpersonal relationships that occur in the STAIN Parepare male and female dormitories are in the management of psychological data levels to be able to do self disclosure. son or being in the category area area, the purpose of open area is where the residents of STAIN Parepare dormitories are more at an open level in order to be able to build good relationships. Self disclosure is a good system that is also applied by residents of the Parepare STAIN dormitory to form interpersonal relationships.  
Representasi Perempuan di Masjid Nurhakki, Nurhakki; Haq, Islamul
Jurnal Askopis Vol 1, No 2 (2017): Jurnal Askopis
Publisher : Asosiasi Prodi Komunikasi dan Penyiaran Islam (Askopis)

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When women are in the public space, the mosque becomes a choice of worship places either mahdoh or mahash mahhab. That is, the mosque must prepare facilities that are responsive to these needs such as separate ablution places, dressing rooms, special doors so that women do not violate the aurat (khillaqiyah) boundary while in the mosque. This case study research examines the representation of women in the Parepare City mosque. The results of this study indicate that the mosque facilities in Kota Parepare are not gender responsive because there is refraction on women's gender. The data of field observation with ablution category are: united, separate open, separate closed, then only 5% mosque which is friendly to woman with indicator set up facility of separate covered wudhu room. Refraction occurs because men are the dominant voice both in the structure of the field of idarah, imarah, and ri’ayah so that the voice of men becomes central in the communication process of mosque planning and development, the representation of women in the mosque is neglected and silent. Saat perempuan berada pada ruang publik, masjid menjadi pilihan tempat ibadah baik ibadah mahdoh maupun ghairu mahdoh. Artinya, masjid harus menyiapkan fasilitas yang responsif pada kebutuhan tersebut seperti tempat wudhu terpisah tertutup, ruang ganti, pintu khusus agar perempuan tidak melanggar batas aurat (khillaqiyah) saat berada di masjid. Penelitian studi kasus ini mengkaji tentang represenatsi perempuan di masjid Kota Parepare. Hasil penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwa fasilitas masjid di Kota Parepare  tidak responsif gender karena terjadi pembiasan pada gender perempuan. Data observasi lapangan dengan kategori tempat wudhu yakni: menyatu, terpisah terbuka, terpisah tertutup, maka hanya 5 % masjid yang ramah terhadap perempuan dengan indikator menyiapkan fasilitas ruang wudhu terpisah tertutup. Pembiasan terjadi oleh karena laki-laki adalah dominan suara baik dalam struktur bidang idarah, imarah, dan ri’ayah sehingga suara laki-laki menjadi sentral dalam proses komunikasi perencanaan dan pengembangan masjid, representas perempuan di masjid terabaikan dan bungkam.