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Health Impact Assessment of Covid-19 Towards Maternal Health Care in West Jakarta Fitrianingrum, Nisaatul Maharanita; Sabarinah, Sabarinah; Pratomo, Hadi
Journal of Maternal and Child Health Vol 6, No 2 (2021)
Publisher : Journal of Maternal and Child Health

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Background: The Large-Scale Social Restrict­ion Policy (PSBB) was implemented in DKI Jakarta to reduce the spread of COVID-19 due to its highest ranked case in Indonesia. A moni­toring program for Maternal and Child Health (MCH) as well as Family Planning (FP) at Suku Dinas Kesehatan (Sudinkes) of West Jakarta was conducted during the pandemic. This study was done to describe the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic towards MCH and FP services, as a basis for policy analysis and recommenda­tions for recovery or risk mitigation program on COVID-19.Subjects and Method: This is a mixed-method study with deductive sequential design. Four indicators of the quantitative data was obtained from routine data on the Pulih Covid dashboard and analysed using SPSS version 26 become a control chart which was visualised into graphs, while the qualitative data was obtained to investigate the reasons of changing trends from quantitative data as the impact of COVID-19 on maternal health services using indepth interviews with responsible officers in Sudinkes of West Jakarta.Results: In the indicators of visiting pregnant women (K1 and K4), delivery process assisted by health personnel, and MCH services carried out at health facilities in West Jakarta were beyond the control showed by there were no direct points above or below the median line. As with the trend, the four data showed no trend and zigzag pattern starting from the third data (March 2018) to the 26th data (January 2020) on the entire control chart.Conclusion: COVID-19 impacted the decrease number of pregnant women’s visits, which coincided with the emergence of the first confirmed positive case of COVID-19 in West Jakarta. A digital monitoring system to guide the problematic patients had ever imple­mented, therefore, recommendation proposed in this study was the reactivation of the digita­lisation on maternal health monitoring system in West Jakarta.Keywords: COVID-19, Maternal Healthcare, Health ImpactCorrespondence: Sabarinah. Biostatistics Department, Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia. Depok 16424, Indonesia. Email: sabarinahprasetyo@­ Mobile: +62816953885.Journal of Maternal and Child Health (2021), 06(02): 229-237