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Jurnal Kesehatan Masyarakat (Journal of Public Health) Vol 7, No 1 (2013): Jurnal Kes Mas FKM UAD Januari 2013
Publisher : Universitas Ahmad Dahlan

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Background: To provide a quality service to the customer (patient) needs to be a measure of the quality of existing services, covering five dimensions, namely reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, and tangibles  in order to create a patient satisfaction. To determine the level of quality, can be measured from the expectations and perceptions of customers (patients). Method: Using the Service Quality (Servqual) method integrated in the Fuzzy. Fuzzy Servqual method  is the instrument to measure the service quality between costumer’s (as patient) expectation and costumer’s (as patient) perception. Fuzzy set theory to accomode subjectivity and ambiguity on quality service judgement. Conclusion: Using the method acquired Fuzzy Sevqual five attributes / criteria that are a priority for improved quality of services because it has a value of Servqual (Gap) weighted the most. Attributes that are Facilities provided incomplete and inadequate with a value of -1.417 servqual, for the second order The equipment used not using the latest technology (advanced) of -1.313, which is third on The officer has not been attentive to treat patients  with a value of -1.250 servqual, for the fourth and final fifth Handling of complaints and Non-radiology is not convenient  of -1.146. Where three of the above criteria is of dimension Tangibles, so the main priority to be repaired and improved quality of care is of the dimension Tangibles with a total score of -1.161.The quality of service in the Installation of Radiology of the overall gap calculation results show a negative gap value is -0.961, meaning what is expected according to what the customer has not obtained the customer at the Hospital Radiology Installation Panembahan Senopati Bantul.   Keywords: Installing Panembahan Senopati Bantul District Hospital Radiology, Fuzzy, Servqual Gap, Fuzzy-Servqual, Quality service.  
Peran Orang Tua, Tenaga Kesehatan, Dan Teman Sebaya Terhadap Pencegahan Perilaku Merokok Remaja Suharyanta, Dwi; Widiyaningsih, Dwi; Sugiono, Sugiono
Jurnal Manajemen Kesehatan Yayasan RS.Dr. Soetomo Vol 4, No 1 (2018): JMK Yayasan RS.Dr.Soetomo April 2018
Publisher : STIKES Yayasan RS.Dr.Soetomo

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ABSTRAK Indonesia menjadi negara terbesar ketiga pengguna rokok, WHO menyatakan anak terpapar asap rokok dan menanggung resiko terkena berbagi penyakit akibat asap rokok, tingkat prevalensi perokok remaja di Indonesia diperkirakan 70 juta anak, 37% atau sama dengan 25,9 juta anak adalah perokok, upaya pemerintah dalam pencegahan perilaku merokok tidak banyak membuahkan hasil, tidak dipungkiri peran orang sekitar dan lingkungan perlu dilibatkan. Tujuan penelitian untuk mengidentifikasi pengaruh peran orangtua, peran tenaga kesehatan, dan peran teman sebaya terhadap pencegahan perilaku merokok pada remaja usia 15 sampai 17 tahun di Kecamatan Banguntapan kabupatenBantul. Jenis penelitian kuantitatif dengan pendekatan cross sectional. Populasi penelitian adalah remaja usia 15 sampai 17 tahun berjumlah 835, Teknik pengambilan sampel menggunakan random sampling yaitu 150 responden, Pengumpulan data menggunakan kuesioner. Analisis data menggunakan Uji analisis bivariat (kendall tau) dan multivariat regresi linier berganda dengan hasil F hitung 45,984 > F tabel 2,74 dengan tingkat signifikansi 0,000 (ρ < 0,05). Dapat disimpulkan dukungan peran orangtua, peran tenaga kesehatan, dan peran teman sebaya sangat mempengaruhi pencegahan perilaku merokokpada remaja.Kata kunci : Peran Orangtua, Peran Tenaga Kesehatan, Peran Teman Sebaya,Pencegahan Perilaku Merokok.
Surya Medika: Jurnal Ilmiah Ilmu Keperawatan dan Ilmu Kesehatan Masyarakat Vol 11, No 2 (2016)
Publisher : STIKes Surya Global Yogyakarta

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Background: Technological advances and competition in the field of higher health business make direction of hospital to offer the best service treatment and make an active movement promotion. Promotional mix is a part of marketing but promotion that can be done by hospital is limited by a law in Indonesia and the arrangement of hospital, and  product innovation becomes an important part, and Happyland Medical Centre issue of product innovation  it is LVR (laser vagina rejuvenation) and problems in this research is the influence of promotional mix to increase the number of patients LVRObjectives: this research is to know the influence promotional mix with a simultant there is or not.Methods.This research is associatif research with cross sectional technic. Population of this research are total of visiting of obstetric care patient  in a last year is 38 peoples with a  fullsample 38 peoples and use  nonprobability sampling with accidental sampling, technics of gathering data is use observation, interview and questioner.The Result: Analysis data use the validity and reliability analysis, this research also use the multiple regression analysis, t test and f test. From the result of this research can be known: Y= 32,246 + 0,117 X1  + 0,245 X2 + 0,307 X3 + 0,315 X4 + 0,324 X5 + e. And value of significant is 0,004<0,05 so (p)<?. F value is < 0,05 so influence the dependent variable with a simultant because F count > F table (9,083 > 2,51). where as determinant coefficient (R2) is 0,327.The conclution: of this research is the influence of promotional mix to increase the number of patients LVR of Happy Land Medical Centre about 32,7 % and we wish that the hospital managerial will be use the promotional mix to introduce LVR Product to large prospect and apply cast media, leafleat etc, in promotional mix.Keyword: Increase the number of patients LVR, Promotional mix
Pengaruh Sosial Budaya Dan Geografis Terhadap Perilaku Merokok Pada Lansia Perempuan Di Wilayah Dataran Tinggi Dieng Wonosobo Widiyaningsih, Dwi; Suharyanta, Dwi
Jurnal Manajemen Kesehatan Yayasan RS.Dr. Soetomo Vol 6, No 2 (2020): JMK Yayasan RS.Dr.Soetomo, Oktober 2020
Publisher : STIKES Yayasan RS.Dr.Soetomo

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All forms of charm of the dieng region are able to attract the attention of both domestic people and abroad, with its unique socio-cultural and geographical location which is approximately 2000m above sea level with temperatures reaching 5 degrees Celsius at night and 10 degrees Celsius during the day. It turned out to be a very beautiful natural condition not accompanied by proper healthy behavior, 9 out of 10 households smoke to eliminate the cold, and 4 out of 6 elderly women smoke because of the culture of their ancestors who descended as a cultural heritage signifying that they are strong and respected women. culture like this is certainly very in contrast to the GERMAS (Healthy Community Movement) non-smoking program which was launched in 2016 as an increase in ARI cases from 2009 until 2104 and tends to be stagnant until 2017, as well as various disease events due to smoking such as pulmonary TB, cancer, etc. are also often found in the district Wonosobo. This study aims to look for socio-cultural and geographical influences on smoking behavior in the elderly female sex in the Dieng plateau region wonosobo district. The subjects of this study were elderly women people over 60 who smoke. with a population of 113 elderly, technical. The sample used is total sampling. This type of research is quantitative with cross sectional design as for the analysis of the data used is bivariate analysis (kendall’s tau) where the results are obtained there is a significant influence between social culture on smoking behavior in elderly women (0.001 <0.010), and there is an influence geographic significance of smoking behavior among elderly women (0,000 <0.010). With a significance level of 0,000 (ρ <0.05) so it can be concluded socially culture and geography are related to the smoking behavior of women in the highlands dieng.