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Pengaturan Ulang Tata Letak Ruang di Rumah Industri Rajut Binong Jati Kota Bandung dengan Metoda Bubble Diagram Maryani, Reny; Adhitama, G. Prasetyo; Wahyudi, Deddy
Jurnal Rekarupa Vol 5, No 2 (2019)
Publisher : FSRD ITENAS

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Mayoritas penduduk Binong Jati Kota Bandung menggunakan sebagian area di rumah tinggalnya menjadi ruang usaha rajutan dan tempat tinggal pekerjanya. Dengan keterbatasan luas lahan dan bangunan bagi kegiatan rumah tangga untuk penghuni serta ruang usaha untuk pekerja dan tempat tingggalnya, menyebabkan terjadinya alihfungsi ruang, blurred area serta sirkulasi silang. Sehingga tidak terciptanya privasi dan kenyamanan antara penghuni ataupun terhadap pekerja. Maka perlu adanya rancangan organisasi ruang yang menitikberatkan pada pola pembagian ruang berdasarkan kebutuhan penghuni ataupun pekerja dalam berkegiatan di rumah industri, serta pola sirkulasi penghuni dan pekerja dengan tujuan tidak terjadinya sirkulasi silang yang dapat tertuang dalam bentuk bubble diagram. Penelitian ini menggunakan metode studi kasus dengan mengangkat empat contoh rumah industri yang di kawasan sentra industri rajut Binong Jati.Kata kunci: permukiman padat penduduk, rumah industri rajut, binong jati, organisasi ruang, bubble diagram.AbstractBinong Jati is one of the most population settlements in Bandung which raised knitting as their source for livelihood. Most of people in Binong Jati using part of their home area converted to be business space and place to live for their workers. With the limited space and building for domestic activities for residents with business space or place to live for the workers, have been caused converted room, blurred area and cross circulation. So there are no privacy and ease between residents nor to workers. Therefore, it is necessary to design a space organization that focuses on the pattern of space division on the needs of residents or workers in home industry activities, the aim of circulation patterns of residents and workers are not to occuring of cross circulation which can be stated in the form of bubble diagram. This research using case study method by four example home industries in the Binong Jati Industrial Knitted Hub. Keywords: Dense populated settlements, knitted home industry, space organization, bubble diagram.
JSTT Vol 5, No 2 (2016)
Publisher : JSTT

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Eel (Anguilla sp.) Including one of the important fish rnelakukan displacement (migration) from the sea to freshwater environments (migration anadromous) for himself and further maturation kernbali to sea (migration katadromous), to perform spawning. The second migration is the whole life cycle of eels. Almost all of the estuary in Indonesia which can deep sea found Elver eels. This study aims to determine the diversity, distribution, abundance and size structure of glass eel in Palu River estuary. This research was conducted for six months ie in September 2014 to February 2015. The sampling locations estuary of Palu River. Sampling was done every month dark during the study, further samples are identified by Anodorsal vertebrae (ADV) and Caudal spot (CS) or Tail Spot (TS). The results showed that the diversity index of glass eel are migratory in the mouth of Palu River has a level of diversity of small and stability of the community is low, for an index of uniformity showed that the distribution of individuals among species uneven or there are certain types of dominant while the dominance index showed that there is one species dominate while doing migration of Palu River that is Anguilla marmorata. The distribution of glass eel on a monthly basis show a uniform pattern of spread. Eel abundance of glass eels are affected by the tides that occur in the mouth of Palu River. Glass eels are doing ruaya anadromous (migrating) to the mouth of Palu River month period September 2014 to February 2015 consists of three species, namely Anguilla marmorata, Anguilla sp. and Anguilla bicolor pacifica.
RENDEMEN DAN pH GELATIN KULIT IKAN NILA (Oreochromis niloticus) YANG DIRENDAM PADA BERBAGAI KOSENTRASI HCl Renol, Renol; Finarti, Finarti; Wahyudi, Deddy; Akbar, Mohamad; Ula, Radhiyatul
Jurnal Pengolahan Pangan Vol 3 No 1 (2018)
Publisher : Fakultas Pertanian Universitas Alkhairaat Palu

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Gelatin is derivative protein of collagen fiber which is found in the skin, bone, and cartilage. The composition of amino acids is almost similar to collagen, where glycine as the main amino acid and as 2/3 of all the amino acids that make it up, where 1/3 of the amino acids contained by proline and proline hydroxine. This research aims at knowing the physical charateristic of rendement and pH by using the skin of tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) in concentration of HCL as immersion solution. The benefits of this research are expected to be the information sources of gelatin making in production scale, especially the gelatin production from the skin of tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus). The information are expected to support the development of information science and technology (IPTEK). Gelatin of tilapia skin (Oreochromis niloticus) used Completely Randomized Design (RAL) with 4 treatments. The treatments were HCl immersion to Tilapia’s skin (Oreochromis nilaticus) with N1 (4%), N2 (5%), N3 (6%) and N4 (7%) in 4 times repetitions
Monitoring the endemic ornamental fish Pterapogon kauderni in Bokan Kepulauan, Banggai marine protected area, Indonesia Ndobe, Samliok; Handoko, Kris; Wahyudi, Deddy; Yasir, Moh.; Irawati, Yulina; Tanod, Wendy Alexander; Moore, Abigail Mary
Depik Vol 9, No 1 (2020): April 2020
Publisher : Faculty of Marine and Fisheries, Syiah Kuala University

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Abstract. The Banggai cardinalfish Pterapogon kauderni is a species of national and international conservation concern. Established in November 2019, the Banggai marine protected area (MPA) in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia covers most of the endemic range of this ornamental fish. The third repeat survey (T2 monitoring) under the National Action Plan for Banggai Cardinalfish Conservation (NAP-BCFC) was carried out in October 2019 at eight sites in the Bokan Kepulauan region within the MPA. The T2 monitoring used the standard NAP-BCFC belt transect method. Data were collected on P. kauderni abundance (by size class: recruits, juveniles, adults) and microhabitat (sea urchins, sea anemones, hard corals, and others). Data were evaluated with respect to the T0 (2017) survey and T1 (2018) monitoring at the same sites, as well as previous surveys in 2004 (2 sites) and 2012 (4 sites). The data show wide between-site variation in P. kauderni and microhabitat parameters, with one subpopulation at very high risk of extirpation. Trends included declines over time in P. kauderni, sea urchin and sea anemone abundance, with an increase since 2017 in hard coral microhabitat use by adult P. kauderni. We recommend evaluation of other P. kauderni populations in Bokan Kepulauan and specific site or zone-based actions. However, we conclude that the most urgent priority for P. kauderni conservation in Bokan Kepulauan is protection of key microhabitat through a moratorium on sea urchin and sea anemone collection in P. kauderni habitat.  Keywords: Banggai cardinalfish, endangered species, marine conservation, microhabitat, monitoring, ornamental fishery, CITES
Iptek bagi Masyarakat Kelurahan Lere dalam Pengembangan Usaha Berbahan Baku Lamale (Penaeus sp.) Tanod, Wendy Alexander; Aristawati, Anita Treisya; Wahyudi, Deddy; Adel, Yeldi S
Agrokreatif Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat Vol 5, No 1 (2019): Agrokreatif Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat
Publisher : Institut Pertanian Bogor

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KAUDERNI : Journal of Fisheries, Marine and Aquatic Science Vol 1 No 1 (2016)
Publisher : Sekolah Tinggi Perikanan dan Kelautan (STPL) Palu

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This study examines the coral reefs hermatifik Recruited naturally in concrete substrates (fish home), physical and chemical parameters of waters. Assessment the performance of the reef include health (survival), the growth of coral, coral functional groups as well as the identification of the types of reef fish recruited to the fish home. The research was conducted in the waters of the Palu bay, Mamboro Village North Palu district and Lero village, Sindue district Donggala, Central Sulawesi Province. The research was conducted July to September 2016. Data collection techniques using the method of the survey with random systematic data collection. Position and depth of fish home homogeneous. Visual observation of the census by direct observation using SCUBA at fish home that has been installed in the Water of Lero and Mamboro village. The research results showed the water conditions in the Lero and Mamboro is still good for the growth of coral recruitment. Composition recruit fish on the fish home consists of three groups of fish targets, indicator fish and other fish (major). The index value of diversity recruitment of fish (H ') in the waters of Lero and Mamboro is in the medium category, the index value fish recruits uniformity (E) is not uniform, and the dominance of index valuesrecruit fish (C) in a stable condition.
Kajian Penerapan Konsep Kearifan Lokal Pada Perancangan Arsitektur Balaikota Bandung Suriastuti, Mira Zulia; Wahyudi, Deddy; Handoko, Bagus
Jurnal Rekarupa Vol 2, No 2 (2014)
Publisher : FSRD ITENAS

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Abstrak Penelitian ini mengkaji tentang transformasi dalam penerapan unsur kearifan lokal (local genius)  pada gedung Balaikota Bandung. Sebuah transformasi desain dapat menampilkan bentuk yang sesuai dengan masanya tanpa meninggalkan makna kosmologis  yang terkandung di dalamnya. Teori Transforming Tradition dengan metode ATUMICS digunakan untuk mengkaji bagaimana pencapaian konsep kearifan lokal diterapkan pada perancangan arsitektur dan interior di Gedung Balaikota Bandung.   Kata kunci: local genius, identitas bangunan, balaikota, bandung     AbstraCT This study examines the transformations of the application of local genius in Bandung City Hall. A transformation design can featuring a form appropriate to its time without leaving the cosmological meaning contained therein. Transforming Tradition theory with ATUMICS method used to examine how the achievement of the concept of local genius  applied to architecture and interior design in Bandung City Hall Building. .Keywords: local genius, identity of building, city hall,  bandung  
BIOAKTIVITAS ANTIBAKTERI DARI EKSTRAK DAUN MANGROVE Avicennia sp. Alhaddad, Zakinah A; Tanod, Wendy Alexander; Wahyudi, Deddy
Jurnal Kelautan Vol 12, No 1 (2019)
Publisher : Department of Marine Sciences, Trunojoyo University of Madura, Indonesia

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Mangrove Avicennia sp. merupakan spesies mangrove yang penting, karena telah digunakan sebagai obat tradisional. Tujuan penelitian ini, yaitu mendapatkan fraksi ekstrak daun mangrove Avicennia sp. yang memiliki bioaktivitas antibakteri terhadap S. aureus dan E. coli. Sampel daun mangrove dikoleksi dari pesisir pantai di Kelurahan Kabonga Besar Kabupaten Donggala Sulawesi Tengah. Metode Pengujian antibakteri menggunakan difusi sumur agar. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan kehadiran senyawa steroid, triterpenoid, flavonoid, alkaloid dan polifenol. Aktivitas antibakteri ditunjukkan fraksi etil asetat (S. aureus 16.97 ± 1.15 mm dan E. coli 14.40 ± 0.46 mm) dan etanol (S. aureus 12.20 ± 2.12 mm dan E. coli 8.13 ± 0.42 mm) pada 1,000 mg/mL. Penelitian ini telah mengeksplorasi kemampuan antibakteri ekstrak daun Avicennia sp. dalam pelarut n-heksan, etil asetat dan etanol. Analisis fitokimia dari berbagai ekstrak pelarut menunjukkan bahwa flavonoid dan tanin adalah umum dalam semua ekstrak tanaman dengan sifat antibakteri. Ekstrak daun Avicennia sp. dapat digunakan untuk menemukan produk alami bioaktif baru dan dapat digunakan sebagai sumber potensial yang dapat mengendalikan bakteri patogen.Kata Kunci : Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Bioaktif, Donggala, Sulawesi Tengah ABSTRACTMangrove Avicennia sp. an important mangrove species, because it used as traditional medicine. This research aimed to obtain a fraction of mangrove leaves extract Avicennia sp. which has antibacterial bioactivity against S. aureus and E. coli. Mangrove leaves collected from the coast in the village of Kabonga Besar, Donggala District, Central Sulawesi. Antibacterial activity assayed using the agar diffusion well method. The results showed the presence of steroid, triterpenoids, flavonoids, alkaloids and polyphenols compounds. Antibacterial activity showed by ethyl acetate fraction (S. aureus 16.97 ± 1.15 mm and E. coli 14.40 ± 0.46 mm) and ethanol (S. aureus 12.20 ± 2.12 mm and E. coli 8.13 ± 0.42 mm) at 1,000 mg/mL. This study has explored the antibacterial ability of Avicennia sp. leaves extract in n-hexane, ethyl acetate, and ethanol. Phytochemical analysis of various solvent extracts shows that flavonoids and tannins are common in all plant extracts with antibacterial properties. Avicennia sp. leaves extract can be used to find new bioactive natural products and can use as a potential source that can control pathogenic bacteria.Key Words : Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Bioactive, Donggala, Central Sulawesi 
Desain furnitur hasil kajian seting fisik kelas studio berbasis perilaku mahasiswa milenial Sulistyawati, Dwi; Santosa, Imam; Wahyudi, Deddy
PRODUCTUM Jurnal Desain Produk (Pengetahuan dan Perancangan Produk) Vol 3, No 8 (2020)
Publisher : Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta

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Activities and behavior Millennials have special characteristics, as a result of being influenced by information technology tools that bring about changes in various aspects that can have an impact on the problem. The starting point of the problem that must be solved is that the behavior of Millennial students behaves in terms of the learning process in accordance with the applicable curriculum to get the right means of space (physical arrangement) so that it is expected to contribute to the effectiveness in achieving the target of the learning process, which refers to research on activities users, especially the activities of millennial generation lecturers and students in behaving in class. Physical Setings Products that can show the relationship between spatial conditions, needs and behavior of millennial students in class. The results of this study then become the basis for creating a classroom arrangement model that is tailored to the curriculum and characteristics of millennial students.