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Perancangan Aplikasi Quiz Menggunakan Metode Pengacakan Linear Congruential Generator (LCG) Berbasis Android Wahyudi, Riki; Syahputra Pasaribu, Hendra Handoko
Riau Journal Of Computer Science Vol. 1 No. 1 (2015): Riau Journal Of Computer Science
Publisher : Riau Journal Of Computer Science

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A quiz application that has element of Mobile Learning (M-Learning) in the Smartphone can certainly provide an attractive entertainment to the users, and can provide instructional media to add knowledge. Quiz is a form of game or mind in which the players (as individuals or in teams) attempt toanswer questions correctly to achieve the goal in learning. In this application, the users will be asked some questions about general knowledge, so the users are forced to think in answering the questions.The method used in the design of this application is the Linear Congruential Generator (LCG) method and the String Matching (SM) method, in which the LCG method functions to randomize question on the application, while the SM method functions to match the selected answer "true and false".
Karakter dan Akhlak Pemimpin dalam Perspektif Islam Siregar, Siti Fatimah; Fuady, Yudistira; Fadli, Muhammad; Al-Bukhori, Afif; Lubis, Putri Nurhayati; Nasution, Saidatun Nisa; Wahyudi, Riki; Matanari, Suryadi; Junaidi, Muhammad; Suryani, Ira
Journal of Education, Humaniora and Social Sciences (JEHSS) Vol 1, No 2 (2018): Journal of Education, Humaniora and Social Sciences (JEHSS) Desember
Publisher : Mahesa Research Center

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This article discusses the importance of character and moral factors in leadership from the perspective of Islam. Ideal leadership is related to the progress of a civilization and a nation. Islam and its followers want a leader who has good character and noble character. The source of the reference to being a leader for Muslims comes from the Koran and Hadith, imitating the personality of the Prophet Muhammad and the Khulafaur Rashidin. In the context of the state, the reference is also based on the rules and regulations of the law that inacted in Indonesia
OPTIMALISASI SUMBER DAYA MASYARAKAT DAN SUMBER DAYA ALAM DALAM BENTUK NUGGET SEBAGAI OLEH-OLEH KHAS PEKON WAY NIPAH Sosmiarti, Sosmiarti; Rezda, Putri Arif; Syafiqoh, Nidya Nur; Listiani, Wirdha; Indra, Febriansyah Putra Djaya; Masykurah, Ana; Wahyudi, Riki; Mazda, Tika
Publisher : The Research and Community Service Institute of Andalas University

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Pekon Way Nipah area is an area that has great potential in tourism, because there are Teluk Semaka in the East and Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park (TNBBS) in the West. Pekon Way Nipah is a Pekon located in Pematang Sawa sub-district, Tanggamus district. Having a tourism potential in the form of a bay makes Pekon Way Nipah has great potential in the field of fisheries, but the fact that occurs in Pekon How to produce agricultural products, is not optimal by the community, and even for the economic community. The purpose of product optimization in the form of nuggets as a typical products is that the community has a role to support the economy with the great potential possessed by Pekon. The method is training and socialization community members of Way Nipah. The results that have been issued are the creation of nuggets with complete packaging as souvenirs of the typical products method, as well as recipe books that have been made for the community. The report of this community empowerment is PKK mothers and the community knows how to make nuggets and has their own products.
The Speech Act of Request and Refusal in English as a Foreign Language: Hotel Front Desk’s Linguistic Politeness Yunita, Widia; Wahyudi, Riki
Elsya : Journal of English Language Studies Vol. 2 No. 2 (2020): Elsya : Journal of English Language Studies
Publisher : LPPM Universitas Lancang Kuning and the Language Center of Universitas Lancang Kuning

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The subject matter discussed in this paper is how hotel front desk receptionists handle requests and refusals in their interactions with customers when they use English as a Foreign Language (EFL). The method of this research is descriptive with a qualitative approach, examining the interactions of front desk employees who work at Hotel Surya Duri, Indonesia. The sample consists of seven people who were given a discourse completion test which questioned them on how they deal with five different scenarios of customer requests and refusals. Results showed that employees perform independent research largely on how to deal with customer requests, but overall do not adequately master how to engage with foreign customer requests and refusals in EFL. This study suggests that concerned parties may benefit training current employees in foreign language communication training.