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DECONSTRUCTING CULTURAL IDENTITY IN RISHI REDDI’S KARMA AND OTHER STORIES Adji, Alberta Natasia; Karnanta, Kukuh Yudha; Putra, Gesang Manggala Nugraha
ATAVISME Vol 21, No 1 (2018): ATAVISME
Publisher : Balai Bahasa Jawa Timur

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This article strives to deconstruct the main characters? cultural identity in Rishi Reddi?s short stories collection, entitled Karma and Other Stories, as the characters deal with their lives as Indian diaspora in the United States. The applied method is the close-reading technique. This article employs Jacques Derrida?s deconstruction by tracing the binary opposition found within the seven short stories; later they are to be disseminated so that the true meanign can be revealed. The article finds that (1) the emerging conflicts in the stories are caused by the strong ties of the protagonists toward Hinduism and Indian family tradition, with (2) their cultural identity has managed to align with modernity in the US, but (3) their ties to the core Hinduism and Indian principles will remain strong.
Maskulinitas dan Praktik Tangkap Lepas dalam Memancing: Sebuah kajian terhadap Sportfishing Putra, Gesang Manggala Nugraha
Jurnal Lakon Vol 2, No 1 (2013): Jurnal Lakon
Publisher : Fakultas Ilmu Budaya Universitas Airlangga

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The absence of legal regulation in fishing activities has brought Indonesian waters to a serious degradation, especially inthe population of game fish. The most reasonable solution to this problem is performing Catch and Release (CnR).However, very little has been explored regarding the activity of fishing and CnR in Indonesia. This study aims toidentify masculinity traits in sportfishing as a masculine act. Furthermore, the result will hopefully be useful indesigning an effective campaign for CnR. This study employs qualitative method to discover how sportfishing isproduced and consumed, formulate the meaning of sportfishing to Indonesian anglers, and identify masculinity traits inthe enactment and involvement of this activity. The study concludes that sportfishing is the new hegemonic masculinity,replacing the previous conventional fishing. It is a masculine bloc that inherits classic masculine traits and combinesthem with aspects of femininity, resulting in a new adaptive model of masculinity that sustains the patriarchaldominance toward subordinate masculinity and women
ARE ALL WOMEN FEMINISTS? A CRITICAL VIEW ON LADY BIRD (2017) FILM Putra, Gesang Manggala Nugraha; Kharisa, Trisnavia Elma
Lire Journal (Journal of Linguistics and Literature) Vol 4 No 1 (2020): Lire Journal (Journal of Linguistics and Literature)
Publisher : Elite Laboratory English Department Universitas Bangka Belitung, Indonesia

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In the study of film as media, there is a growing tendency on labelling films with female leads and female production crews as feminist films. This study aims to test such claim in the film Lady Bird (2017). To do so, the study employs Feminist Identity Development Model by Downing and Roush to look at the main lead of the film, along with analyses on the film’s narrative and cinematographic aspects. The study finds that the female lead fails to undergo all the five stages of Feminist Identity Development Model. The study further explores that her advancement through the stages is being held back by her dependence to her family and those around her. The study, then, suggests some further inquiries on the interrelatedness of age and feminism.